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Hydraulic PLC brings automation with low capital costs

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article image Enerpac’s programmable relay

ENERPAC has released a new Programmable Relay designed to control simple and repetitive tasks involving hydraulic equipment.

The equipment uses PLC technology to govern tasks such as energising solenoid valves, stopping and starting motors, activating timers, operating lights and audible signals.

It allows automation and process control to be added to tasks such as production engineering, materials handing, metal working and workholding, without major capital investment.

Simply set up with inputs via a pendant, pressure switch, limit switch and other common actuators, the relay greatly extends the versatility of hydraulic pumps and ancillary equipment already used by a wide variety of industries. These include construction; civil, mechanical, production and process engineering; electrical distribution and maintenance; energy production and reticulation; food and beverage production and maintenance; government utility; manufacturing; materials handling; metal fabrication and workholding; mining and resources; transport; workshop mechanical maintenance operations; primary production (inc farm, forestry and pulp and paper).

Programming, testing and de-bugging of the PLC can be preformed on a computer then downloaded to the PLC.

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