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article image RACC series -- a broad range of options.

A VERSATILE and easily handled new aluminium series of hollow-plunger hydraulic cylinders is being offered by Enerpac for applications requiring 20 to 150 tons of force.

Often used for tensioning, testing and maintenance applications, hollow plunger design allows for both pull and push forces to be exerted by a single powerful and compact RACH series cylinder weighing between 3.8 and 48.7kg (typically half equivalent steel cylinders).

The cylinders will be shown on Stand 3913 at National Manufacturing Week in Melbourne from May 20-23 and on Stand 4236 at Aimex in Sydney from September 9-12.

Featuring the latest alloy technology, high strength coatings, new seal design and advanced bearing materials, the new RACH ranges' aluminium construction allows the cylinders to be more easily carried and positioned for work, enhancing safety and productivity.

Available with strokes of 50-250mm and centre hole diameters of 27-79mm, the new high-force tools will be complemented at both shows by a wide variety of Enerpac pumps suitable for hollow plunger cylinders, including hand-operated, air, electric and petrol-powered types.

These offer a broad range of options for operation within industrial plants on in remote field locations.

Enerpac Australasia managing director Roy Coulson says the hollow plungers of the RACH series (and complementary steel RCH and RRH Enerpac models) offer versatility for tasks ranging from clamping of dies and pulling of shafts, axles and gears, through to positioning of major structural components in bridges, buildings, pipelines and exploration platforms.

Enerpac has introduced the RACH single-acting cylinders as part of its most comprehensive and advanced new ranges of lightweight high-pressure hydraulic cylinders for Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to the hollow aluminium cylinders, Enerpac will also show at Aimex and NMW three other series of aluminium cylinders:

* Single-acting, spring return RAC series.

* Single-acting RACL Lock Nut cylinders.

* Double-acting RAR series cylinders, with powered extension and retraction of cylinder plungers.

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