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High precision lift and shift

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Enerpac’s internationally proven SyncHoist system permits vertical and horizontal load manoeuvring using one crane, while eliminating the risk of damage from oscillations of wire rope caused by sudden crane stop/starts.

The PLC or manually controlled system – offering 60-110 tons capacity for each of its four lifting points – is the latest member of Enerpac’s family of Synchronous Lifting Systems for very heavy loads.

Offering accuracies of plus/minus one millimetre over cylinder strokes of up to 1500mm, the SyncHoist differs from standard Synchronous lifting systems in that it generates pull forces while suspended from a crane above the load, rather than generating push forces from underneath.

Typical SyncHoist functions include high precision load positioning; pre-programmed positioning, tilting and aligning; and counterweighting to determine centres of gravity.

Benefits of the system include vastly improved operating and positioning speed and worker safety, says Enerpac application engineering manager Tony Cooper.

“It means also that weather conditions play a less critical role,” says Cooper, who works with Enerpac’s global synchronous lifting technology specialists to introduce advanced concepts to Australia. This includes the synchronous lifting system used to lift a dragline at Curragh coal weighing more than 3000 tonnes.

“Intelligent hydraulics such as SyncHoist can turn conventional lifting systems into high accuracy hoisting and load positioning systems. SyncHoist and Synchronous Lifting can produce cost reductions and safety benefits when compared with conventional lifting systems,” said Cooper.

Advanced lifting systems featured in Enerpac’s latest E325a catalogue include synchronous systems that one person can operate from up to a kilometre away to lift giant weights (including bridges, turbines, draglines and drilling platforms).

Enerpac is said to offer Australasia’s biggest selection of (700 bar) cylinders, in hundreds of models with capacities from 5-1000 tonnes for compact high-pressure power in lifting, pushing, pulling, bending and holding applications.

The range also in-cludes lightweight, non-corrosive aluminium cylin-ders up to 150 tonnes capacity.

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