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article image Enerpac’s X-Treme portable hydraulic handpump set.

HIGH performance hydraulic pump and cylinder sets, combining maximum power with minimum weight, have been announced by Enerpac to increase workplace efficiency and safety during fabrication, maintenance and disassembly work.

The new X-Treme high performance aluminium cylinder and high-speed portable handpump sets offer 20-50 tons of precisely regulated high pressure (700bar) power in compact packages typically half the weight of steel cylinder equivalents.

Easy to carry and position, the multipurpose sets are designed for high convenience and maximum power-to-weight ratios.

They handle applications ranging from everyday lifting, fabrication and maintenance to actuating specialist tools used in demanding, cramped or remote jobs where power and reliability are at a premium.

Features include:

* Rugged and advanced single-acting aluminium cylinders from an industry leader. Weighing 3.6kg, 4.5kg and 8.5kg for 20, 30 and 50-ton models, the X-Treme kit cylinders are made from 7075T-6 alloy with hard-coat treatment on plunger and base to provide strength rivalling steel.

* Durability. Cylinders feature stop rings to absorb eccentric loading and prevent plunger over extension. Composite bearing materials prevent metal-to-metal contact, reducing side-load issues. Steel base plates help protect cylinders against abrasive surfaces and load damage, while removable hardened saddles protect against plunger damage. Non-corrosive design enhances durability and reliability even in many caustic environments.

* Convenience. Lightweight and compact P392 or P802 two-speed hand pumps reduce handle strokes by 78 per cent compared with single speed models, but weigh only 4.1 and 8.2 kg respectively. Featuring non-conductive fibreglass handle for operator safety, the aluminium pumps are encapsulated in nylon and feature glass-filled nylon reservoirs for non-corrosive performance. Pump handles lock for easy carrying. Cylinders have built-in handles.

* Strokes of between 50-150mm and maximum handle effort of 43.1kg to enable the sets to swiftly handle multiple tasks. These include lifting and powering tools designed for cutting, forming, punching, pressing (including bearings), bending and removal of stubborn fasteners.

* Top quality 1.8 metre thermoplastic safety hoses HC-7206 specifically designed for demanding service. With a 4:1 safety factor and four-layer design, they exhibit low volumetric expansion under pressure to enhance overall system efficiency.

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