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Hexagon cassette hydraulic torque wrench

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article image HXD-60 and HXD-30 torque wrenches.

ENERPAC has released a hexagon cassette hydraulic torque wrench that is designed to provide easy access to maintenance and fabrication bolting tasks, plus a good torque-to-weight ratio for loosening and tightening jobs.

Enerpac's lightweight HXD series of torque wrench, with models producing up to 12500nm and weighing between 2 and 7.5kg, feature a flat, low-profile design with slim nose radius. The compact design enables the wrenches to be inserted into confined spaces.

The unibody design has an integrated support arm and few moving parts for low maintenance and is constructed from corrosion-resistant materials.

The tool is suitable for use in companies involved in building, construction, energy utilities, energy and resources exploration, project engineering, forestry equipment maintenance, manufacturing, metal fabrication and maintenance, mining, petroleum, railway and heavy transport.

The new torque wrenches are suitable for use on flanges of pipes typically 750mm in diameter, with occasional uses on smaller and larger types. The hexagon range is between 30mm and 100mm and the nose radius from 28.5mm to 73.5mm. The tools are available in a range of metric and imperial hexagon cassettes and reducers.

The torque wrenches are more precise, lighter weight and easier to use in tight spaces than the flogging /impact wrenches typically used in the pipeline industry. They offer high repeatability of ±3% accuracy.

The Enerpac wrenches not only take the strain out of the job, but for convenience and safety can also be positioned 10m or more from tasks in awkward, hazardous or confined spaces. Complementary hydraulic nut splitters are provided to remove rusted or corroded nuts easily.

When working on dented or corroded sections of pipeline that are being maintained, the wrenches are suitable for removing deteriorated bolts that would often be difficult to remove. Heavier, cruder equipment typically used for these tasks is hard to handle, potentially hazardous and cannot accurately reproduce correct tightening tensions.

GasNet's new HXD wrench equipment, which complements Enerpac's SQD square drive wrench series, incorporates a 360° swivel hose connection to further facilitate tool positioning in confined areas, as well as snap-in, interchangeable hexagon head cassettes which can be changed without the need for tools.

The tool also features high pressure (800 bar) double-acting hydraulic operation, which increases tool portability while reducing cycle times and the need for manual labour.

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