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Heavy machinery and trucks assembled and serviced safely and precisely using on-site gantry lifters

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article image SBL system used for resources machinery

Enerpac (A Division of Actuant Corp)  will be showcasing the SBL hydraulic lifting gantries at the upcoming AIMEX exhibition in Sydney in August.
Advanced gantry lifting systems from Enerpac enhance safety while offering handling efficiencies and time savings in the disassembly, servicing and assembly of fixed and mobile machinery including trucks used in heavy resources environments.
SBL hydraulic lifting gantries from Enerpac Integrated Solutions incorporate an overhead supporting structure capable of stable and precise handling of loads up to 1100 tons.
Suitable for widely used machinery commonly found on resources sites as well as trucks (including Caterpillar haul trucks), the gantries provide safety, speed and agility when loading, disassembling and assembling machinery components.
SBL gantries are proven worldwide in heavy lift projects including turbines, generators, silos, pressure vessels and fixed and mobile plant employed for mining and resources industries, oil and gas structures, energy and infrastructure installation and maintenance as well as ports and shipping tasks.
Mr Richard Verhoeff, Integrated Solutions Manager for Enerpac in Australasia explains that companies involved in maintenance programmes often have a very narrow timeframe and can’t afford the time to dismantle heavy plant to take it off-site for servicing. Mr Verhoeff is an international authority on heavy and complex lifting, shifting and positioning projects, and will attend AIMEX to discuss system applications.
Enerpac’s compact gantry lift system, designed to fit within standard (20ft) containers with folded boom, is used to lift and position heavy loads in applications where traditional cranes will not fit or may not be suitable and where permanent overhead structures for job cranes are not an option, such as hard stand pads on mine sites.
Deployed on configurable rail systems, the gantries also provide a means for moving and placing heavy loads, including machinery components such as sticks and booms during disassembly, maintenance and reassembly. These can be lifted clear of the vehicle being serviced and safely placed adjacently for in-situ maintenance tasks.
Among the most advanced hydraulic gantries on the market, Enerpac’s SBL1100 gantry lift system allows efficient and safe placement of assembly components on work stands for access and stability, as well as providing a versatile system for sub-component handling and managing load-up requirements on completion of on-site services.
The gantry’s full hydraulic system has three-stage hydraulic cylinders mounted in an octagon-shaped boom design. The patented foldable boom design gives the machine excellent transportation dimensions. Once erected and extended, the SBL1100 has a lifting height of close to 13 metres.
Features and benefits of SBL hydraulic lifting gantries include stable and rigid construction for inherent safety, mechanical lift locking system with integrated propulsion system for accurate movement, high tonnage lifting capacity with low pickup/high elevation ratio, and high accuracy for safe positioning of components on work stands.
Designed as a completely integrated lifting system for all heavy tonnage materials handling, the gantry comes with a propulsion system. The gantry’s assured performance is backed by third party-witnessed reaction load test, and each gantry has been tested under witness of Lloyd’s Register. All gantries have been tested at maximum capacity and maximum elevation.

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