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Four lightweight hydraulic cylinders

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article image Enerpac's lightweight hydraulic cylinders.

ENERPAC has announced four of its most comprehensive and advanced new ranges of light weight high-pressure hydraulic cylinders for Australia and New Zealand.

The 700 bar (10,000psi) cylinders - in capacities from 20-150 tons and strokes from 50-250mm - are designed to provide the strength of steel with the light weight, transportability and easy positioning of aluminium.

Featuring the latest alloy technology, high strength coatings, seal design and bearing materials, the new ranges typically weigh less than half the weight of comparable steel cylinders.

The ranges include:

* Single-acting, spring return RAC series, which weigh from 4.2-4.7kg for 20-ton models, through to only 36.4kg for 150-ton models.

* Single-acting RACL Lock Nut cylinders in capacities from 50-150 tons.

* Hollow plunger RACH cylinders from 20-100-ton capacities.

* Double-acting RAR series cylinders, with powered extension and retraction of cylinder plungers.

Non-corrosive by design, aluminium has always been a good material to use in many caustic environments, including those encountered in the production of food, electricity, manufactured goods and resources, says Enerpac Australasia managing director Roy Coulson.

The latest Enerpac cylinders are made from 707ST-6 alloy, with a complete Hard Kote treatment to provide strength that rivals steel. Composite bearings on all moving surfaces guarantee no metal-to-metal contact, to resist side loads and extend cylinder life.

Removable steel base plates and hardened steel saddles resist wear caused by use on concrete and other abrasive surfaces.

Complementing the high power-to weight ratios of the new cylinders are Enerpac's lightweight hand pumps, models P-392 or P-802, which are constructed of composite materials including aluminium to comprise the optimum lightweight pump and cylinder set.

The cylinders can also be powered by fast-acting Enerpac electric, air and petrol pumps.

Mr Coulson says the lightweight cylinders are particularly useful on remote sites or on jobs where cylinders have to be moved from job to job.

"These are lightweight but very powerful cylinders in a capacity range that is widely used throughout Australian industry.

“Like all Enerpac product, they can be switched from application to application - for example, lifting in one job, metal forming in the next, bearing removal in the next - so portability is a prized quality," he said.

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