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Enerpac unveils E series manual torque multipliers

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Enerpac has introduced accurate and highly portable manual torque multipliers to provide from 1015-10,845 Nm of force for tightening and loosening of nuts, bolts and stubborn or corroded fasteners requiring high torque.

The E series manual torque multipliers, with high efficiency planetary gear sets, are part of Enerpac’s extensive range of professional bolting technologies, which is one of Australasia’s comprehensive.

The new tools provide high torque outputs from low inputs, offering multiplying ratios of up 52:1 to, while giving accuracies of plus/minus 5% for precisely controlled make-up or break-out applications.

Incorporating anti-backlash devices for operator safety, the multipliers feature reaction bar styles for forces of up to 4340Nm and reaction plate styles for greater force requirements.

According to Enerpac, the E series manual torque multipliers provide efficient torque multiplication in wide-clearance applications and when external power sources are not available.

The E series manual torque multipliers complement other technologies in Enerpac’s comprehensive professional bolting range, including high pressure (700bar) hydraulic square drive and hexagon cassette torque wrenches, which are better suited for tight tolerance, flange and repetitious bolting applications.

Weighing from 1.8 to 22.8 kg, E series manual torque multipliers are typically used on mining, construction, chemical and refinery sites, as well as locomotives, power plants, pulp and paper mills, shipyards, cranes, and off-road equipment.

Features include:

  • Torque ratios of 3.3:1 to 52:1 to generate outstanding output from a portable manual tool
  • Reversible operation to tighten or loosen nuts (Rusted and corroded nuts and bolts may require twice their original torque to break loose).
  • Angle-of-turn protractor on E300 models (the mid-range models which offer from 1625-4340Nm)
  • Replaceable shear drives to provide overload protection of internal power train on E300 and larger E400 models (replacement drive included)
  • Reaction plate models offer increased versatility with reaction point locations.

The new torque multipliers are part of the extensive Enerpac family of professional bolting technologies and application expertise, backed by the global resources of the Actuant group, which has sales exceeding $A1000 million through operations in more than 30 countries.

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