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Enerpac’s locknut cylinders ensure safety for construction workers

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article image Enerpac’s locknut cylinders to ensure safety of construction workers

The 700 bar hydraulic CLL locknut cylinders from Enerpac have played a major role in ensuring the safety of construction workers at the Gold Coast Desalination Project.

The project, due to commence operations in November 2008, will provide up to 125ml of fresh water to drought affected South East Queensland communities every day.

The 50 ton Enerpac cylinders featuring safety lock nuts for mechanical load holding were used to lift and position load skids containing large reverse osmosis modules that filter salts and minerals from sea water to produce fresh desalinated water for consumption.

Sixteen CLL locknut cylinders were provided by Blackwoods Southport to the GCD Alliance (a group of companies appointed to deliver the Gold Coast Desalination Project) to ensure simple and safe heavy lifting on the site, where more than 700 workers are employed.

A combination of CLL504 and CLL508 cylinders were used to lift and move modules into position in the Reverse Osmosis building.

The cylinders feature lock off and varying height functionalities, as well as versatility and flexibility.

“Nine of the cylinders were utilised for each RO skid, which had a total weight of about fifty tons,” said Daniel Wilford, Senior Engineer with the GCD Alliance.

GCD Alliance utilised nine of Enerpac’s ER-15 Load Skates for each skid to winch the modules into the building and into position through a five step process, explained by Wilford:

  1. The modules and skids were preassembled outside the building in a staging area.
  2. After completion, the skids were raised by the Enerpac cylinders and a base frame was skated underneath.
  3. The skid was then lowered and subsequently winched into the building utilising the base frame and Enerpac load skates.
  4. A subsequent lift/lower and lift operation was then performed to change the direction of the skid, again utilising the Enerpac cylinders and pumping equipment.
  5. Once above the equipment footings, the skids were lowered into their final position.

GCD Alliance was impressed with the Enerpac CLL locknuts because they provided complete control of the installation process. The lock nuts provided mechanical load holding for extended periods, instead of relying solely on valves for load holding. This feature provides high safety during heavy lifts.

“We were able to control the cylinders individually on each of the operations to ensure the skid remained level and travelled at the required rate,” Wilford said.

“Many of us have had prior experience with Enerpac and they were chosen because of their reliability, ease of use and the technical support provided to the project to meet the requirements” Wilford said.

Wilford worked with Blackwoods Southport supported by Enerpac South Queensland Territory Manager Allen Raaen.

Enerpac’s CLL locknuts handle diverse heavy lifting tasks common for construction and infrastructure projects and for resources applications including mining and petrochemical.

In addition to stock capacities of 50-1000 tons (with strokes from 50-300mm) special 1500 and 2000-ton models are also available on request for tasks such as bridge lifting, beam support, infrastructure construction and machinery positioning and maintenance.

The compact, high pressure (10,000psi, 700 bar) cylinders are lighter to handle and can be more readily positioned than heavier, lower pressure cylinders of equivalent capacity.

The single-acting, load return CLLs are fitted with an overflow port that functions as a stroke limiter for additional safety and longevity. Interchangeable hardened grooved saddles also come as standard for load security.

The rugged CLLs can withstand side load forces of up to 5% of rated cylinders capacity without scoring. A plunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder life.

Cylinders can be complemented by remotely operated Enerpac Turbo, electric and petrol pumps which the GDC Alliance purchased for additional safety.

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