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Enerpac’s ZU4 class electric pumps deliver better pre-stressing and post-tensioning performance

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Energy-saving hydraulic pumps are being engineered by Enerpac with fewer moving parts and less friction to give more power and reliability for pre-stressing, post-tensioning and heavyweight hydraulic tasks.

Outstanding flow dynamics also mean Enerpac ZU4 class 1.25kw 700 bar electric pumps will stay on the job longer, run cooler and be easier to service when the need eventually arises.

Rugged workhorses such as the ZU4908JE double acting pump can be coupled with compact and powerful Enerpac post-tensioning tools for mono strand construction applications common on building, mining and infrastructure development sites.

These single acting PT and double acting DPT post-tensioning tools deliver 20 or 30 tonnes tensioning capacity when coupled with the ZU4908JE, which features remote pump control and advance/hold/retract valving.

Compact and highly portable ZU4T Series electric pumps, which weigh between 32kg and 36kg, employ a powerful 1.25kw universal motor that provides a high power-to-weight ratio and low voltage operating characteristics. The motor is coupled with a totally new pump element design that reduces oil flow turbulence, producing an industrial workhorse with fewer moving parts, less friction and which requires 18% less current draw than comparable pumps.

The universal motor offers important jobsite benefits such as low starting current draw, much reducing the likelihood of tripping breakers at start-up. The motor also offers outstanding tolerance for low supply voltage, in contrast with bulkier, heavier induction motors, which tolerate under-voltage poorly and quickly overheat. The universal motor can operate satisfactorily from a long extension cord or portable generator.

Enerpac ZU4’s high efficiency, cooler running design, combined with its heavy duty FRP composite shroud, help it to resist the ravages of sun as well as rain. An optional heat exchanger stabilises oil temperature in applications where this is required.

The pumps’ increased flow rates, reduced heat generation and decreased power needs translate into higher productivity and reliability for applications such as construction, crimping, cutting, fabrication, lifting, lowering, materials handling, maintenance, pressing, pushing, pulling and production and process engineering.

The pumps’ light weight and compact size is complemented by a thermally insulated handle. An optional tubular steel skid frame adds an extra wide stance and two-person carrying ability for smaller models, while larger units include extra large side handles.

With steel reservoirs from 4 litres to 40 litres engineered to take the hard knocks of construction, engineering and mining sites, the versatile pumps are suitable for use with the huge range of single acting and double acting high pressure hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic tools used throughout Australasian industry.

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