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Enerpac’s Lifting Technology Hoists up to 75,000T with High Safety and 1mm Precision

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article image Enerpac’s Lifting Technology Hoists up to 75,000T with High Safety and 1mm Precision

Precision lifting technology from Enerpac (A Division of Actuant Corp) is capable of safely lifting, balancing, weighing and launching massive structures up to 75,000 tons using advanced capabilities.  

The PLC-controlled lifting technology (700 bar) can control from a central point, hundreds of compact high-pressure hydraulic cylinders being used to lift, shift and manoeuvre onshore or offshore structures during construction, manoeuvring and positioning.    

Applications of the technology range from petroleum drilling platforms and exploration machinery to land-based infrastructure items such as bridges, wharves and loading/unloading facilities.  

Enerpac’s solutions including synchronous lifting technology are designed to provide optimum control and stability during the lift, ensuring ongoing safety by protecting the structures’ integrity during the lifting and manoeuvring process.  

Mr Slade Greenaway, Enerpac Manager, Oil and Gas Industry says that the PLC-controlled lift provides precision control down to 1mm or less during the lift, measured over hundreds of cylinders arranged in clusters in addition to accounting for variation in load over the floor or keel of the structure.  

This allows system operators to maintain excellent control over huge numbers of cylinders to apply exact force as needed in specific parts of the structure.  

Enerpac’s lifting technology ensures the durability and safety of the structure by preventing uneven stresses during lifting that could potentially cause cracks.  

Projects successfully executed by Enerpac Integrated Solutions include engineering the supporting assembly of the Bird’s Nest stadium in Beijing, launch of France’s Millau Viaduct, the world’s highest viaduct and lifting the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco for seismic retrofits.  

Enerpac’s PLC-controlled ultra-heavy lifting technology is available globally through its Integrated Solutions organisation, which recently incorporated the Dutch-based Hydrospex heavy lifting specialists and Singapore-based Team Hydrotec into its portfolio of capabilities.  

Mr Greenaway says development of Enerpac’s PLC-controlled lifting technology is very timely as nations throughout the Asia-Pacific intensify onshore and offshore resources development including deep drilling projects in more than 1000m of water.  

Enerpac Integrated Solutions offers a range of lifting technologies extending from PLC-controlled and synchronous lifting technologies through to the specialised technologies of Hydrotec and Hydrospex.  

Hydrospex designs and manufactures systems for the heavy lifting market internationally with a product range that includes strand jacks, hydraulic gantries and skidding systems.  

Team Hydrotec provides engineering and integrated solutions systems to the Asian energy, shipbuilding and mining industries among others.  

Hydrotec and Hydrospex will operate as part of Enerpac’s Integrated Solutions business within the industrial segment of Actuant, working closely with the Industrial Tools Division of Enerpac.

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