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Enerpac’s Hydraulic Lift Gantries Designed to Curtail Risk with Hydrospex Technology

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Advanced hydraulic gantries designed to handle loads up to a thousand tons or more are being introduced by Enerpac (A Division of Actuant Corp) with specific control systems to ensure optimum stability and safety in different environments.    

Hydraulic lift gantries are among the latest products of Enerpac Integrated Solutions, which recently incorporated the Dutch-based Hydrospex heavy lifting specialists into its portfolio of global capabilities in the accurate control of positioning, speed and force.  

Enerpac’s Australasian Integrated Solutions Specialist Mr Colin Chapman says Hydrospex technology is designed to curtail workplace deaths and injuries around lifting equipment, while providing some of the world’s most advanced, controllable and adaptable lifting technology for projects that require precision, safety and demonstrated reliability of performance.  

Applications range from the hoisting of heavy static and mobile machinery such as mills, turbines, boilers, generators and processing equipment through to the lifting of truck bodies, heavy earth moving equipment and gearboxes - anything that requires lifting and skidding within a relatively tight space without having the cost of crane set-up and standby.  

Hydrospex hydraulic lift gantries have a number of unique features including self-contained hydraulic systems, Intellilift wireless control systems and high grade steel technology.  

Features of gantry lifts that are normally options such as control systems and self-propelled drive motors are included in the standard configuration of all Hydrospex gantries.  

Standard configurations can be extended with components such as skidtracks, header beams, side shift systems and lifting lugs.  

Hydrospex offers two series of gantry systems:

  • The cost-effective SL series designed for control and stability
  • Heavy duty SBL (Super Beam Lift) series with up to 1100-tonne capacity

Key features of SBL 1100 gantry systems

  • Hydraulic system features three-stage hydraulic cylinders mounted upside down in an octagon shaped boom design
  • The boom can be pinned and folded to reduce the transportation dimensions; the folded boom allows the SBL1100 to fit into a standard 20-feet container
  • Self-contained hydraulics makes the SBL1100 a plug-and-play unit
  • SBL1100 is provided with a mechanical system that can lock the boom in any position and take the full load
  • Unique powered tank-roller drive system that reduces the ground load up to 70 per cent compared to conventional systems with four steel wheels
  • Comes standard with Intellilift wireless control system featuring automatic synchronisation and load control
  • Gantry system can be used on standard 4-feet skidtracks

Strand jack gantries  

Strand jack gantries from Hydrospex enable heavy loads up to 500 metric tonnes to be lifted, the load to be skidded inside a building and afterwards dropped and installed on the spot.  

Strand jack gantries can be utilised in the installation of boiler drums, generators and turbines. It is commonly used to load and unload heavy transport machinery including self-propelled modular trailers.  

Hydrospex technologies include hydraulic gantries, modular trailers, strand jacks, skidding systems, weighing systems, Jack ‘N Pack, self-erecting gantries and strand jack gantries.

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