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Enerpac lifts its stake in the most challenging projects on Earth

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article image Hydraulic lifts used on the construction of the "Bird's Nest"

Enerpac (A Division of Actuant Corp)  has expanded its expertise dedicated to lifting, shifting and manoeuvring some of the world’s heaviest and most challenging objects and structures.

Enerpac Integrated Solutions recently incorporated the Dutch-based Hydrospex heavy lifting specialists and Singapore-based Team Hydrotec into its portfolio of global capability in the accurate control of positioning, speed and force to facilitate the precise movement of some of the largest and best-known structures on Earth.

Enerpac’s new Global Leader of Integrated Solutions Pieter Kroese says the new members of the Integrated Solutions team point to its expanding role in projects that require the skills of the future, including precision, safety and demonstrated reliability of performance. They add further new dimensions to the innovation, efficiency and safety provided through Enerpac’s existing Integrated Solutions technology and experience, examples of which include engineering the supporting assembly of the ‘Bird’s Nest’ stadium in Beijing, the launch of the world’s highest viaduct, France’s Millau Viaduct, and lifting the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco for seismic retrofits.

The two businesses joining Integrated Solutions since then - with joint income of about $US30 million a year and experienced professional teams in place - expand Enerpac’s vision of the Integrated Solutions market as its greatest opportunity for sales growth and brand development. The acquisitions will operate as part of Enerpac’s Integrated Solutions business within the industrial Segment of Actuant, working closely with the Industrial Tools Division of Enerpac.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Hydrospex designs and manufactures systems and products for the heavy lifting market, including strand jacks, hydraulic gantries and skidding systems. Its customer base includes heavy lifting companies such as Mammoet, Sarens, Burkhalter and its US partner Bigge.

Since its founding in the mid-eighties Hydrospex has developed automated Strandjack systems and advanced computerized power and motion control to a proven mechanical technology.

One of its new technologies is its Hydrospex Self Erecting Tower, which cost $US4.3 million to develop. The tower-type lift and set system with a 1,800 ton capacity, can compete with – and beat – a 25 million dollar crane, says which Hydrospex Managing Director Tjerko Jurgens.

The modular containerised system uses hydraulic strand jacks mounted atop a set of girders spanning two pairs of hydraulically self-erecting lattice towers. The whole thing ships in 16 standard 20 foot containers from Hydrospex headquarters and engineering facility, which covers more than 15.000 square metres of production space.

Based in Singapore, Team Hydrotec provides engineering and integrated solutions systems to the Asian energy, ship building, mining and other industries. Projects in which it has been involved include weighing a 16000 ton oil rig platform, ship lifting, crane repair and torque wrench applications in industries including metal fabrication, oil and gas, construction utilities, steel, ship building, manufacturing, aerospace, rail, materials testing, chemical, electrical, agriculture, research, and mining. Team Hydrotec has also developed a computerised metal camber system to bend I beams quickly and accurately to the ideal angle offering maximum strength and loading when used to build bridges.

Pieter Kroese says the new technologies and expertise brought into the group by Hydrospex and Team Hydrotec complement perfectly Integrated Solutions globally proven expertise and technology, including computer-controlled hydraulics from Enerpac that provided a safe and economic alternative to cranes when erecting the steel structure of the unique “Bird’s Nest” stadium.

Recent Enerpac Integrated Solutions projects also include the deployment in Australia of one of the world’s most advanced heavy lifting systems to maximise safety and precision during maintenance of a huge dredger at the largest coal mine in the Southern Hemisphere. The PLC controlled Enerpac Synchronous Lifting system was used to enhance precision and safety while monitoring the 2200-ton load’s centre of gravity during the lift on Dredger 16 at Loy Yang Power, which is as high as a 16-storey building (55 metres) and has a slew ring bearing 15.2 metres in diameter containing 177 balls of 200mm diameter each weighing 32kg.

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