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Enerpac launches a safe and powerful hydraulic skidding system

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Enerpac ’s new hydraulic skidding systems have been designed for the precise and controlled movement of structures including oil, gas and mining plant, as well as bridges, jetties, ships, barges and load out facilities.

Enerpac’s integrated solutions manager Richard Verhoeff said the HSK skidding systems incorporate a series of skid shoes powered by hydraulic push-pull cylinders travelling over a pre-constructed track.

Verhoeff added that these systems can handle loads ranging from tens of tonnes to tens of thousands of tonnes and were used in construction of the world’s first LGN regasifier in Italy.

The Enerpac HSK system is suitable for use in Australasian conditions as it uses a series of special PTFE coated blocked placed on skid tracks to reduce friction and facilitate control. 

“It is a very versatile system that is highly applicable to the major resources and infrastructure projects now under way in Australasia,” Verhoeff said.

Enerpac skidding systems are usually custom-built to individual specifications but are also available in two standard versions: 

  • HSK1250: 141 tonne capacity per shoe
  • HSK2500: 281 tonne capacity per shoe

Both standard skidding systems are available in two varieties, using either a skid shoe jack or a skid shoe beam. The skid shoe jack includes an integrated lifting cylinder. A skid shoe beam is designed for skidding purposes only. 

“To calculate the minimum required capacity per shoe, the entire load has to be able to rest safely on two of the four shoes used on the lift section involved. A load of 550 tons, for example, would require the HSK 2500 with its four shoes of 281 tons capacity each.

“Multiple sets can be used to achieve virtually limitless weights in major mining and energy plants, for example, or individual sets can be used to optimise safety and convenience in lighter but still substantial items of static and mobile plant,” Verhoeff said.

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