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Enerpac introduces wide range of high performance hydraulic nuts

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High performance hydraulic nuts have been introduced by Enerpac to facilitate faster, safer and more precise maintenance and fabrication operations.

Hydratight range of hydraulic nuts join Enerpac’s extensive range of professional bolting technologies designed to improve joint integrity while reducing construction times, machine downtime and maintenance expenditure.

The internationally proven hydraulic nuts used in place of conventional nuts are expanded by hydraulic force to stretch the bolts to which they are attached so as to lock them in place with exactly the degree of force needed for different applications.

Their precise and time-saving fastening technology is particularly useful in applications involving critical tolerances and multiple bolting tasks on heavy industrial, mining, quarrying, primary processing, power generation and resource exploration and development equipment and infrastructure.

Loosening the hydraulic nut is also simple and swift, which is a major advantage when a large number of nuts have to be released within a narrow maintenance time frame, says Enerpac National Bolting Manager Mr Pat Molloy.

By eliminating the need for time-consuming, repetitious and potentially hazardous manual operations such as flogging wrenches, the hydraulic nuts can be particularly useful in confined spaces, such as shafts, or where exposure time to nearby hazards needs to be minimised, he says.

“Another major advantage is that multiple nuts can be fastened and loosened together using exactly the same pressure from the same power source. This ability to “daisy chain” hydraulic nuts gives even pressures across a bolted surface, which is a major advantage in the industries in which they are used, especially where high technology, high pressure equipment is involved.”

The hydraulic nut range integrates efficiently into one of the comprehensive ranges of professional bolting technologies, with Enerpac’s broad selection of purpose-built tools giving the ideal technology for different tasks.

Enerpac professional bolting technologies include advanced pumps, torque intensifiers, torque wrenches, 700 bar system engineering systems and extensive Australasian applications expertise backed by the resources of Enerpac globally.

Features include (both TC, top collar, and BC, bottom collar, designs):

  • High load capacity from a maximum working pressure of 2275 bar (33,000 psi) for outstanding performance in critical joint and pre-loading applications
  • Strokes from 3-25mm, compact heights from 41-125mm, loads from 18-60 tons and maximum load 18-60 ton force (tonf)
  • An overstroke limiter; this safety feature protects operators from pressurised oil
  • Corrosion-resistant nylon blanking plugs, to protect the hydraulic port after tensioning
  • Vented hydraulic ports to prevent pressure building up behind blanking plugs; vents are configured so any leakage is immediately visible to operators
  • A unique Hydratight fixed seal design, for optimum reliability. An integral metal plate stiffens the seal so it cannot be displaced from the piston

The optional TC (top collar) design features a locking collar on top of the nut to give enhanced accessibility in applications where nuts are seated in pockets.

A rubber peg protruding from the top face of the nut gives the operator a constant visual indication of the piston travel available during pressurisation.

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