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Enerpac introduces advanced bolting, pumping and safety technologies to Australasia

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Increased worker safety is a major feature of the new families of bolting, pumping and safety technologies being introduced to Australasia by Enerpac .

Operating in more than 30 countries globally, Enerpac includes 700 bar high pressure hydraulics which pack more power into smaller and more easily handled tools.

Enerpac has extended its respected brand into new pumping, bolting, pipeline, pre-stressing and post-tensioning technologies, says Enerpac National Bolting Manager, Pat Molloy.

“The latest Enerpac technologies now comprise complete families of advanced bolting and fastening technologies to handle the toughest jobs encountered by the mining, gas, petroleum and contracting industries, onshore and offshore.

“These are tools designed to get the job done faster, more precisely, with greater portability, less energy usage and optimum reliability. They consign to the dark ages the slow, clumsy and hazardous manual fastening methods that were common up until a few years ago.”

The new wave of technology includes:

  • Square and hexagonal drive torque wrenches including W and S rigid steel types with high power to weight ratios. The W low profile hexagonal wrenches for low clearance bolting applications weigh from 1.4-5kgs yet have terrific and precisely repeatable torque from 2712-20337Nm, while the S series of double-acting square drive wrenches extends from 2.7-31kg with outputs of 1898-34437Nm
  • A full range of top quality sockets precision crafted in world class ISO 9001 certified facilities
  • Precise and time-saving hydraulic nut families those are particularly useful in applications involving critical tolerances, multiple bolting tasks and high levels of repeatability
  • Bolt tensioners and highly portable torque multipliers to provide from 1015-10,845Nm of force for tightening and loosening of nuts, bolts and stubborn or corroded fasteners requiring high torque
  • Portable nut splitters, plus efficient flange splitting and flange alignment tools purpose-built to take manual labour out of the job while safeguarding the integrity of pipelines and flanged machinery – as well as the safety of the person working on them
  • Tough, reliable energy-efficient electric pumps including new-generation Z-class electric pump and new-generation Z-class air pump that have fewer moving parts for less friction, more reliability and reduced energy needs
  • Rugged workhorse pump and valving combinations custom engineered to particular applications, such as the ZU4908JE double-acting pump which can be coupled with compact and powerful Enerpac post-tensioning tools for mono strand construction applications common on resource and infrastructure development sites

“BHP, RIO, CSR, Queensland Bulk Handling, petroleum companies and energy utilities are among the early adopters of these easy-to-use tools, which are designed to replace laborious, inaccurate and often hazardous bolting and unbolting methods, such as flogging wrenches.

“They are brilliant for high-repetition tasks and have already halved the time taken for some maintenance jobs, demonstrating their effectiveness on machinery and infrastructure ranging from trucks and bulldozers to pipelines, turbines and milling trains,” he said.

The new Enerpac torque wrenches – complemented by Enerpac’s advanced pumping technology and more than 50 years of application expertise - are designed for increased durability, reliability and safety, with rigid steel design and high power to weight ratios.

The nimble W wrenches’ small nose radius measurements of 31-87.5mm enable them to fit readily into tight spaces with their hexagon range from 36-115mm, while S models offer from 25-63.5mm with square drive range from three-quarters to two-and-a-half inches.

Enerpac stocks big selection of (700 bar) cylinders, in hundreds of models with capacities from 5-1000 tonnes for compact high-pressure power in lifting, pushing, pulling, bending and holding applications.

Enerpac’s cost-saving precision tools include new families of aluminium cylinders weighing half their steel equivalents and new extreme products designed for maximum corrosion and temperature resistance.

Enerpac’s cost-saving precision tools also include the new generation ZE and ZU electric pumps with fewer moving parts that save power while extending reliability and serviceability even on remote sites with variable electricity supplies.

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