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Enerpac hydraulic tools chosen by Grayson Engineering for bolt securing operations

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article image A new ZU4 pump as used on the Britomart project

Safety and reliability were the key reasons why Enerpac (A Division of Actuant Corp)  hydraulic tools were chosen by Grayson Engineering for bolt securing operations on the structural steelwork of Auckland’s new Britomart East buildings close to the waterfront in the city’s CBD.  

The Britomart project incorporates an integrated underground transport centre and major public and commercial developments, including the 12-level East Building due for completion next year.

Powered by an Enerpac electric pump, the Enerpac torque wrenches and socket accessories were chosen by Grayson Engineering, who held the contract to fabricate and erect about 3000 tonnes of steel on the Britomart East project.

Grayson Engineering had already been using other Enerpac equipment from Jonel Hydraulics, so agreed to try the Enerpac torque wrenches, accessories and pump.

Jonel supplied:

  • A S3000 square-drive wrench with BSH1050 (50 mm)
  • BSH1060 (60 mm) sockets
  • A W4000 hexagon wrench
  • A W4206 cassette (60 mm)
  • A W4206R200 60/50 insert

The wrenches were powered by an Enerpac ZU4208TE-Q electric pump with a THQ-706T six metre hose set.

The wrenches have been designed for maximum durability, reliability and safety and feature a rigid steel design with outstanding power to weight ratios. The easy-to-use tools have been specifically designed to replace laborious, inaccurate and sometimes hazardous bolting and unbolting methods, such as flogging wrenches. 

The W low profile hexagonal wrenches for low clearance bolting applications weigh from only 1.4-5kg yet have precisely repeatable torque from 2712-20337 Nm, while the versatile S series of double-acting square drive wrenches extends from 2.7-31kg with outputs of 1898-34437 Nm. 

The small nose radius measurements of 31-87.5mm of the nimble W wrench enables them to fit into tight spaces, with their hexagon range from 36-115mm. S models offer from 25-63.5mm with square drive range from three-quarters to two-and-a-half inches.

Features of W series torque wrenches for low-clearance bolting applications include:

  • Fast operation from large nut rotation per wrench cycle (30 degree rotation angle) and rapid return stroke. Tools are not required for changing heads. 
  • Innovative pinless wrench construction incorporating automatic crank engagement and quick release cylinder. Minimal parts and a robust design for easy on-site maintenance without the need for special tools. 
  • Cylinders and low profile heads with small nose radius, engineered for ultra-slim compact low clearance tooling. 
  • Hexagon range 36-115mm (one and seventeen sixteenth inches to four and five eighths)

Features of the S series Square Drive torque wrenches include:

  • 360 degree click-on, multi-position reaction arm and push-button square drive release for quickly reversing the drive for final tightening or loosening. Tool “lock on” prevented by a fine tooth ratchet. 
  • Compact high-strength nickel plated uni-body construction for a small operating radius. Easy on-site maintenance without special tools is facilitated by the robust design and minimal parts.
  • Lightweight ergonomic design for easy handling, with an optimised strength-to-weight ratio and fast operation because of the large nut rotation per wrench cycle (35 degree rotation angle) and rapid return stroke.

Constant torque output provides high accuracy across the full stroke of both hexagonal and square drives. An in-line reaction foot ensure accuracy by reducing internal deflections in the hexagonal drives, while uni-body construction ensures accuracy in the square drives by reducing internal deflections.

Both torque wrenches come with a wide range of accessories for safety and efficiency in particular applications, including twin 4:1 Safety Hoses.

Both torque wrenches can be used with a range of optimum electric and air pumps including the latest cool-running and energy-saving ZU4T hydraulic torque wrench pumps designed specifically for bolting applications.

The compact and portable ZU4T Series electric pumps weighs between 32 and 36kg and offers auto-cycle for continuous cycle operations and quick, secure coupling by way of Parker spin-on-couplers for 700 bar models and Enerpac lock-ring couplers for 800 bar models.

The ZU4T Series electric pumps have been comprehensively engineered to save time and labour on repetitive tasks while improving operator safety.

New generation ZU4 electric pumps are built to run cooler than conventional designs while offering greater durability, lower operating costs and simpler service in bolting-intensive industries, typically including:

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Energy
  • Farming
  • Manufacturing
  • Materials handling
  • Metal working
  • Mining and oil
  • Primary processing
  • Transport

Enerpac’s ZU4 series feature a powerful 1.25kW universal motor combined with a completely new pump element design that will reduce oil flow turbulence. The pumps’ increased flow rates, reduced heat generation and decreased power needs translate into higher productivity and reliability for repetitive applications such as:

  • Bolting
  • Crimping
  • Cutting
  • Fabrication
  • Lifting
  • Lowering
  • Materials handling
  • Maintenance
  • Pressing
  • Pushing
  • Pulling
  • Production and process engineering

Patent-pending Z-class technology provides high bypass pressures for increased productivity, particularly in applications using long hose runs and in high pressure-drop circuits, or in certain applications that involve double-acting cylinders and tools.

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