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Enerpac appoints international authority on heavy lifts to key Integrated Solutions role

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Enerpac (A Division of Actuant Corp)  has appointed Mr Richard Verhoeff as Integrated Solutions Manager for Enerpac in Australasia.
An international authority on heavy and complex lifting, shifting and positioning projects, Mr Verhoeff (B, Eng) will focus on applications of Enerpac Integrated Solutions capabilities such as hydraulic gantries for lifting and positioning onshore and offshore plant, SyncHoist crane technology, Enerpac heavy load skidding systems, as well as sophisticated synchronous lifting technology that can safely lift, balance, weigh and launch massive resources structures up to 75,000 tons.
Enerpac Regional Manager Australia and New Zealand Tony Brooks says Richard Verhoeff brings to Australasia a unique set of skills and experience demonstrated in his previous roles with the global Enerpac Integrated Solutions team, which is dedicated to lifting, shifting and manoeuvring some of the world’s heaviest and most challenging objects and structures.
Some of the prestigious Integrated Solutions projects include the launch of the world’s highest viaduct, France’s Millau Viaduct, lifting the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco for seismic retrofits, and the precision hoisting and positioning of 12 gigantic (800-1400 ton) ball mills to accuracies within fractions of a millimetre at Australia’s largest-ever magnetite mining and processing operation, CITIC Pacific Mining’s $US5 billion Sino Iron Ore project in Western Australia. Enerpac skidding systems were employed recently in the construction of the world’s first LNG regasifier in Italy, involving 90,000m³ cement and 30,000 tons of steel.
Richard Verhoeff has been extensively involved in Integrated Solutions roles in Europe with major onshore, offshore, industrial and shipbuilding projects requiring outstanding precision, safety and demonstrated reliability of performance. Mr Brooks believes that the same qualities will be invaluable in Australasia in projects ranging from oil and gas structures and military shipbuilding through to land-based infrastructure items such as mineral extraction and processing plant, bridges, wharves and loading/unloading facilities.
Mr Verhoeff says his experience gained in previous Key Account Manager and Integrated Solutions Specialist roles equips him to assist customers in developing high quality hydraulic solutions directly suited to their needs.
Enerpac’s hydraulic technologies
Enerpac’s PLC-controlled 700 bar synchronous lifting technology can control, from a central point, hundreds of compact high-pressure (700 bar) hydraulic cylinders being used to lift, shift and manoeuvre onshore and offshore resources structures during construction, movement and placement.
Enerpac hydraulic gantries are a safe, efficient way to lift and position heavy loads in applications where traditional cranes will not fit and permanent overhead structures for job cranes are not an option.

SyncHoist is a high precision hydraulic load hoisting and positioning system to enhance crane performance and safety while reducing costs compared with conventional load positioning methods.

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