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Enerpac Uni-Lift mechanical actuators set high standards of precision positioning

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article image Uni-Lift mechanical actuator with machine screw mechanism

Enerpac (A Division of Actuant Corp) , a world-leading provider of powerful precision lifting technology is introducing its latest Uni-Lift mechanical actuators in capacities up to 250 tons at this year’s AIMEX exhibition.    

Uni-Lift mechanical actuators are part of Enerpac’s advanced ranges of safety-oriented, energy saving and labour-saving technologies, including lifting, pumping, fastening, bolting and maintenance tools.  

The B and M series Uni-Lift mechanical actuators utilise ball screw and machine screw mechanisms respectively with strokes up to 6096mm, and are designed to set a new standard for linear motion control in precision positioning and control in a mechanical package.  

Their high accuracy and reliability make them suitable for roles such as satellite dish positioning and solar panel tracking in addition to positioning heavy machinery and plant.  

Ball screw jacks used in the B series of Uni-Lift mechanical actuators offer load capacities up to 100 tons and are well suited for high-cycle, high-speed applications.    

Machine screw jacks used in the M series of Uni-Lift mechanical actuators come with load capacities up to 250 tons, and are ideal for low-cycle, high-load applications needing a self-locking load screw.    

Uni-Lift mechanical actuators complement Enerpac’s extensive range of high pressure (700 bar) compact and powerful hydraulic lifting and manoeuvring technologies, which range from the new RC-Series Duo cylinders in 1-1000 plus tons capacity, through to synchronous PLC-controlled systems that can lift bridges, drilling platforms and structures weighing tens of thousands of tons.  

Enerpac’s extensive line of Uni-Lift accessories allows for easy connection and precise synchronised control of multiple actuator systems. Tight tolerance thread forms, heat-treated gear sets, and pre-loaded bearings ensure repeatability and durability of these linear actuators.  

Uni-Lift mechanical actuators have been used to solve highly challenging linear motion projects. In addition to heavy machinery and plant lifts, the actuators have been used by industries requiring high standards of precision including aerospace, telecommunications, medical research, defence and microchip production.  

Enerpac offers one of the broadest and most reliable mechanical actuator lines in the industry from ¼ ton mini jacks to 250 ton multi-jack systems.    

All Enerpac cylinders are complemented by a broad range of advanced pumping technologies, ranging from simple portable hand pumps and versatile battery pumps to ZU4T electric pumps and 700 bar XVARI XA air-over-hydraulic foot pumps.    

Enerpac has been established in Australia and New Zealand as a major supplier of high-pressure 700 bar hydraulic equipment including precision hydraulic cylinders, tools and safety equipment complemented by professional bolting technology.

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