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Enerpac Strand Lifting technology safely hoists difficult loads

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Powerful but compact Strand Lift heavy lifting systems are being introduced to Australia by Enerpac (A Division of Actuant Corp)  to hoist loads of thousands of tons where access is restricted, overhead space is limited or maximum stability is required.

The Enerpac Strand Lift System – a member of the Enerpac Integrated Solutions family and already in service worldwide - is suitable for applications as diverse as erecting bridges, offshore structures, refineries, power stations, major buildings and other structures.

It can also lift or lower or haul heavy resources or manufacturing plant such as grinding mills, production platforms, metalworking and rolling machinery or drilling machines in tunnels where the use of conventional cranes is either uneconomical or impractical.

Strand Lifting involves large capacity, hollow core hydraulic cylinders, dual locking cylinders and especially designed clamping wedges. Clusters of hydraulic cylinders, each of up to 1000 tons lifting capacity, positioned directly above the load to draw it securely upwards on multiple wire rope strands governed by an integral locking system. The precision lifting system –suspended from a fixed, stable surrounding framework- gives complete control at each stage of the lift, with the hydraulically actuated and PLC controlled lifting and locking system able to secure the load in any position.

The technology draws on Enerpac’s worldwide prestressing and post constant tensioning technology as well as heavy lifting expertise that was used in the lifting from the ocean floor of the 10,000-ton Russian submarine Kursk.

Now part of the Enerpac Integrated Solutions family, this technology is produced at a specialist plant in Europe that has been a leader for decades in developing and manufacturing precision parts for prestressing and stressing post tensioning systems.

Enerpac Integrated Systems Manager Mr Colin Chapman says Strand Lifting is particularly useful where loads need to be raised or lowered over long distances and where operators need maximum stability and precision control over the lifting process.

“Because the Strand Lifting system is positioned over the centre of gravity of the workpiece to be raised or lowered, it not only gives maximum stability, but also allows the full lifting force to be employed directly (rather than being reduced by being employed from an offset position on the end of a lifting beam or boom),” he said.

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