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Enerpac S3000 torque wrenches fulfill WesTrac safety and service commitments

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article image The rigid all-steel S3000 torque wrench

One of the Asia Pacific’s major Caterpillar dealerships are employing advanced hydraulic torque wrench technology to enhance safety and efficiency at their workshop in New South Wales.

WesTrac are using a combination of Enerpac ’s rigid all-steel S3000 torque wrench and their ZU4T new generation torque wrench pump when servicing massive bulldozers and trucks at its Mount Thorley Workshop.

The Enerpac professional bolting technology, which employs high pressure (700 bar) force to achieve exceptional power-to- weight ratios, is used to service some of the biggest equipment used in mining, roadmaking, heavy construction and agriculture. Equipment serviced at Mt Thorley ranges up to the 100-ton Caterpillar D11 bulldozer and the 240-tonne capacity, 1615kw off-road Caterpillar 793 dump trucks.

The S3000 double-acting square drive torque wrench and high-speed ZU4208TE-Q pump are used to ensure correct power, precision and repeatability in loosening and tightening nuts. Repeatability of torquing, achieving consistent torquing across a series of fasteners, is important in ensuring safety, reliability of service and avoiding downtime in equipment.

Unevenly torqued fasteners result in weak spots being built into moving, reciprocating or vibrating equipment, such as engines, tracks and wheels posing risk management issues to owners and operators. WesTrac’s use of advanced technology with precisely metered force helps to avoid such risks.

The S3000 torque wrench that weighs only 5kg can provide up to 4330Nm torque. Larger square drive models can provide up to 34079 Nm, while complementary W series low profile hexagon wrenches can provide up to 20,377 Nm

The S series of torque wrenches is designed with a compact, high-strength uni-body for a small operating radius. The robust nickel plated design with minimal parts enables easy on-site maintenance without special tools. Torque wrenches feature fast operation because of the large nut rotation per wrench cycle (35 degree rotation angle) and rapid return stroke.

The rugged uni-body construction of the torque wrench helps to ensure accuracy by reducing internal deflection, while the S and W series wrenches’ constant torque output provides high output across the full stroke. Torque wrenches are operator-friendly, with a 360-degreeclick-on multi-position reaction arm and push-button release for quickly reversing the square drive for tightening or loosening.

Torque wrenches’ single 360-degree hydraulic swivel manifold increases wrench and hose manoeuvrability and a fine tooth ratchet prevents tool lock-on. The S3000 torque wrench model used at Mt Thorley Workshop is complemented by a ZU4 208TE-Q 1.25kW electric pump specifically designed for repetitive bolting applications and applications that may require remote pump and valve operation for safety. It utilises a 1.25 kW universal motor that works well on long extension cords if required, or generator-driven electricity supplies.

The high-efficiency two speed pumps feature higher oil flow and bypass pressure (85 bar) for cooler running that requires 18 percent less current draw than comparable pumps. A self-priming first stage increases pump performance by supercharging the second stage piston pump, improving oil flow in both hot and cold weather operations. The pumps feature a low-voltage (15 vdc) pendant with sealed switches for remote operation and enhanced operator safety.

ZU4T pumps, which can be used for all major brands of 700 and 800 bar single-acting and double-acting torque wrenches, are part of a comprehensive family of professional bolting technology from Enerpac.

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