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Enerpac Demonstrates High-Pressure Hydraulic Technologies at RTA’s Ergo Expo

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article image Tensioner training in progress at QAL

Enerpac (A Division of Actuant Corp)  showcased their high-pressure hydraulic technologies at the Manual Handling Ergonomics Expo hosted by Rio Tinto Alcan (RTA) at Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL) Gladstone.  

The Ergo Expo featured some of the world’s most compactly powerful non-impact bolting technologies. Global high-pressure hydraulics leader Enerpac along with hydraulic and lubrication partner Cooper Fluid Systems demonstrated their latest technologies at QAL’s Ergo Expo.  

Products showcased including Enerpac’s latest torque wrenches, pumps and high performance hydraulic bolt tensioners to facilitate faster, safer and more precise maintenance and fabrication operations. Enerpac torque wrenches are already in use at QAL, which is replacing impact tools such as flogging wrenches and hammers with safe and efficient alternatives.  

According to Enerpac National Bolting Manager Mr Pat Molloy, the expo was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the best use of advanced safety and efficiency technologies directly to the RTA staff.  

Mr Molloy, Queensland Territory Manager Chris Gavan and a team from Cooper Fluid Systems led by Jeff Rosenberg demonstrated various technologies to the RTA staff at the Bob Druitt Training Centre.  

Versatile square and hexagonal drive torque wrenches 

  • W series low profile hexagonal wrenches for low clearance bolting applications
  • Weigh from 1.4kg to 5kg with precisely repeatable torque from 2712 Nm to 47453 Nm
  • S series double-acting square drive wrenches
  • Weigh from 2.7kg to 31kg with outputs of 1898-34437 Nm

Portable nut splitters

  • Portable nut splitters, efficient flange splitting tools as well as flange alignment and machining tools
  • Purpose-built to eliminate manual labour while safeguarding the integrity of pipelines and flanged machinery as well as the safety of the operator

Electric pumps 

  • Tough, reliable energy-efficient electric pumps
  • New-generation Z-class electric pumps and Z-class air pumps
  • Fewer moving parts for less friction, more reliability and reduced energy needs

Bolt tensioners and portable torque multipliers 

  • Powerful bolt tensioners and highly portable torque multipliers
  • Provide 1015 - 10,845 Nm of force for tightening and loosening of nuts, bolts and stubborn or corroded fasteners requiring high torque
  • GT-Series universal bolt tensioners in capacities up to 2845kN (320 ton) at 1500 bar
  • Precise, safe and time-saving fastening technology
  • Suitable for heavy industrial, mining, quarrying, primary processing, power generation and resource development

Mr Molloy comments that a major advantage demonstrated at QAL was that multiple bolts could be fastened at one time using exactly the same pressure from the same power source. Daisy chaining hydraulic tensioners gives even load across a bolted surface, a major advantage in industries where high technology, high pressure equipment is involved.  

QAL’s Ergo Expo briefing says that about 30% RTA’s injuries arise from manual handling or workplace ergonomic issues. RTA Bauxite and Alumina sites including QAL, RTA Yarwun, RTA Gove and RTA Weipa have therefore begun the deployment of a Manual Handling and Ergonomic (MHE) program that aims to eliminate or design out manual tasks and ergonomic problems rather than relying on administrative solutions to manage the risk.

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