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Enerlauncher System from Enerpac Lifts, Pushes and Steers Huge Bridge Sections Safely

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High force specialist Enerpac (A Division of Actuant Corp) is introducing to Australasia a hydraulic bridge launching system that uses PLC control to safely and precisely lift, push and steer huge bridge sections into place.  

The Enerlauncher system is a result of Enerpac Integrated Solutions’ expertise dedicated to lifting, shifting and manoeuvring some of the world’s most challenging objects and structures.  

These include the world’s highest viaduct, the Milau Viaduct in France, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and a series of 12 gigantic (800-1400 ton) ball mills in Australia this year, hoisted with an Enerpac PLC controlled lift system capable of safely positioning huge loads to accuracies within fractions of a millimetre.  

Operating in pairs, the Enerlauncher PLC controlled lift systems each comprise of a lifting bed designed for rigidity and security, onto which is integrated:

  • A lifting section, positioned on a slide. Each lifting section incorporates a 796-ton CLL 8003 lifting cylinder system operating vertically at 500 bar with a stroke of 70mm and offering a lifting area of 1590.43cm².
  • A push/pull section, operating horizontally via two articulated arms each containing double-acting 152-ton cylinders for advancing and retracting the lift section as the job requires. Locked to the sliding lifting section at one end, and secured to the lifting bed at the other, the paired sections collectively offer more than 600 tons of pushing force and 280 tons of pulling force for precise positioning.
  • Pumping and control sections that centralise control of the push, pull and steering operation in one place. These contain components engineered for ultimate compatibility and fine control, including purpose-engineered hydraulic pumps, motors and integrated hydraulic valving and PLC control system.

Enerlaunchers are an extension of advanced high safety and high precision Enerpac lifting technology already extensively proven and supported in Australia and New Zealand, where Enerpac has operated for more than 50 years.  

The technology complements Enerpac innovations such as PLC controlled synchronous lifting and strand lifting used to hoist as well as position loads ranging from bridges to mining draglines, dredges and ball mills.

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