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Energy-saving hydraulic pumps

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article image Enerpac’s Z-Series hydraulic pumps.

ENERPAC's ZU4 series portable hydraulic pumps feature a powerful 1.25kW universal motor coupled with a totally new pump element design that reduces oil flow turbulence, producing an industrial workhorse with fewer moving parts and less friction.

The pumps' increased flow rates, reduced heat generation and decreased power needs translate into higher productivity and reliability.

Typically weighing between 26-33kg, with reservoir capacities from 4-40 litres, the 700 bar pumps are suitable for use with powerful and compact single-acting and double-acting high-pressure hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic tools.

Enerpac Australian business unit manager Anders Mangen says the pumps represent a generational evolution in pump design.

Features include:

* High-efficiency two-speed pump design that requires 18 per cent less current draw than comparable pumps. The self-priming, high-flow first stage pump increases pump performance by supercharging the second stage piston pump, improving oil flow in both hot and cold weather operation.

* Heavy duty bearings, pump cavity oil bath and balanced rotating components, all designed to reduce wear, friction, surface loadings, stresses and sound levels. Replaceable piston check valves increase the service life of major pump components.

* Ergonomic heavy duty composite shroud. This protects the electric motor and key electrical components from environmental contamination, rain and debris and provides a non-conductive handle for operators. An ergonomic and durable low-voltage (15 volt) pendant with sealed switches facilitates safe remote operation.

* Brushes designed to last four times longer than conventional designs. They feature "auto-stop shunt" to prevent commutator damage from normal brush wear. An easily accessible brush cavity allows rapid brush replacement in the field.

* Optional, factory-installed, built-in pressure transducer, heat exchanger and LCD providing essential user information. Self-test, diagnostics and readout capabilities are available where required. The pressure transducer is more durable against mechanical and hydraulic shock than analogue gauges. The heat exchanger extends system life and stabilises oil temperature.

The ZU4 series is best suited to medium-to-large cylinders or hydraulic tools - or for use wherever high-speed, intermittent duty cycle is needed. The pumps are available with backlit LCD and multiple valve configurations for remote or manual control of advance, retract and hold combinations.

Patent-pending Z-class technology provides high bypass pressures for increased productivity, particularly in applications using long hose runs and in high pressure-drop circuits, or in some applications involving double-acting cylinders and tools.

The ZU4's light weight and compact design make it ideal for applications requiring easy transport. Its universal motor works well on long extension cords or generator-driven electrical power supplies.

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