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Easy-use hydraulic flange spreaders

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NOT having the right tool for the job can make the task of splitting flanges on pipelines and other industrial equipment hazardous and time-consuming.

Hydraulic flange spreaders from Enerpac are purpose-built to take manual labour out of the job, with five and 10-ton hydraulic power capacities to swiftly and safely drive a wedge between the lips of the flange.

FS series flange spreaders help safeguard the integrity of pipelines and flanged machinery - as well as the safety of the person splitting them - by incorporating a pin by the splitter's jaws that fits through the pipe flange and holds it in line while its flanges are being separated.

Enerpac's 700Bar high-pressure FS Series - with standard spread capacities from 70-216mm - are suitable for use within industries where flanged joints are commonly encountered during fabrication and maintenance tasks.

For flanges that require larger spreading distances and have a larger joint, an optional larger wedge is available.

Both the FS-56 and FS-109 spreaders are available individually or as sets incorporating tool gauge, couplers, hose and handpump that can be used in locations as diverse as busy workshops and factories or on remote construction, mining, drilling rig, oil pipeline electrical distribution or water reticulation and sewerage sites.

With the FS56 and FS 109 pump-spreader combinations weighing approximately 15kg and 22kg respectively, the spreaders can be easily transported and operated by one person,

FS and STF series hydraulic flange spreaders complement new professional bolting technology ranges being introduced by Enerpac to streamline many of Australasian industry's most common, time-consuming and potentially hazardous maintenance and fabrication tasks.

The new ranges include tools such as the new LP and S series of compact but extremely powerful high pressure (700Bar) hexagonal and square drive torque wrenches address the needs of major areas of industry, including mining and energy, infrastructure construction, manufacturing, pipelines, mobile machinery, tracked and heavy vehicles, craneage and fixed plant.

The new tools and pumping technologies such as the new Enerpac ZU4 pump variants are integral components of the new families of Enerpac bolting technologies and application expertise expanded over the last year when parent company Actuant acquired international leaders in applied bolting expertise, the Hedley Purvis Group and Hydratight Sweeny.

The combined Hydratight oganisation formed by the acquisitions works as a team with Enerpac, which focuses on the most advanced and efficient technologies required for bolting.

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