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EVO heavy lift and shift system provides safety for jobs of up to 192 lift points

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article image Evo-8 Synchronous Lifting System, shown here with double-acting cylinders and draw wire stroke sensors

Enerpac (A Division of Actuant Corp) introduces a new generation synchronous lifting system that offers accuracy and safety for challenging jobs of up to 192 lift points.

Enerpac’s EVO heavy lift and shift system replaces manual control of hydraulic heavy lifting with PLC control of multiple cylinder lifts, offering accuracy, safety and productivity benefits for precision lifting of heavy resources industry machinery.

The EVO Series synchronous lifting system integrates high-pressure hydraulic cylinders with a PLC system to monitor and control precise movement and positioning of heavy loads. Through an integrated HMI, all movements are managed from a central control position that displays live operation with real-time status updates for each lifting position.

EVO is evolved from Enerpac’s 25 years of experience in specialised hydraulic engineering and lifting technology, which uses digitally controlled hydraulics to accurately and safely lift some of the largest and most challenging structures on earth, including mineral and oil and gas processing equipment.

Offering eight standard hydraulic control modes, the new EVO synchronous system can control 4, 8 or 12 points with one hydraulic power unit (HPU). A master control unit is also available that offers daisy chain control of up to 16 EVO systems, giving a maximum of 192 lifting points.

The multifunctional EVO Series can be used with multiple standard 700 bar (10,000 psi) single- or double-acting cylinders and is offered with a 5 HP or 10 HP hydraulic power unit with a 250-litre reservoir.

The EVO Series synchronous lifting system delivers benefits such as precision control, accuracy, increased productivity and time savings, with a lesser number of personnel required when compared to manually controlled lifting.

Mr Richard Verhoeff, Australasian Integrated Solutions Manager for the global Enerpac organisation explains that synchronous lifting enables a single operator to control the entire precision lifting process, during which the status of every lifting point is constantly monitored and displayed. Depending on the application, time savings of up to 60% can be achieved with synchronous lifting. 

Safety benefits of the PLC-controlled system include elimination of the potential for error with the multi-operator manual control approach. The digitally precise EVO system incorporates warnings and stop functions, and also offers full monitoring and control, with programmable failsafe monitoring and safety alarms.

Mr Verhoeff adds that the precision control offered by the EVO system reduces the risk of structural damage by bending, twisting or tilting due to uneven weight distribution or load-shifts between lifting points. 

The easy-to-use and very user-friendly touch screen interface displays the movement process, cylinder positions and load read-outs by lifting points and total load.

Enerpac’s synchronous lifting technology monitors and manages lifting, lowering, weighing, alignment and load transfer procedures of non-uniformly distributed heavy loads. The system incorporates a variable frequency drive (VDF) motor, which facilitates lowering of engine speeds and oil flows as required to optimise control of the speed of lifting. This feature also makes it possible to use the system with various capacities of cylinders.

The EVO Series system allows one device to control the entire lifting operation while providing status updates at every point of the process without the need for manual monitoring. By digitally monitoring and controlling lifting operations, users enhance safety and eliminate costly downtime common in manual operations.

For superior visibility and control, the EVO Series offers network capabilities to link up to four hydraulic power units to a single master control. The system features a user-friendly interface with easy-to-use menus for simplified navigation. Additionally, the system can be programmed to record and store operational data at user-defined intervals to continuously monitor the pressure and position of every lifting point for safe, accurate control.

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