EVO Series Synchronous Lifting System for Heavy Lifting and Shifting

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Intelligent EVO Synchronous Lifting System ensures precision accuracy and safety for difficult movements of up to 192 lift points.

Effectively replacing manual control of hydraulic heavy lifting, EVO integrates PLC control of multiple cylinder lifts for exceptional accuracy, safety and efficiency.

High-pressure hydraulic cylinders with a PLC system to monitor and control precise movement and positioning of heavy loads

  • Variable frequency drive (VDF) motor allows lowering of engine speeds and oil flows to improve lifting speed control for a diverse range of cylinder capacities
  • Integrated HMI ensures movements are managed from a central control position
  • Comprehensive control with eight standard hydraulic modes including EVO synchronous system that controls 4, 8 or 12 points with one hydraulic power unit (HPU)
  • Available with master control unit that can daisy chain control up to 16 EVO systems and a maximum of 192 lifting points
  • Compatible with multiple standard 700 bar (10,000 psi) single or double-acting cylinders
  • High performance power with a 5 HP or 10 HP hydraulic unit options with a 250-litre capacity tank
Improving safety with elimination of operator error
  • Enhanced with warning, safety alarms and stop features with programmable failsafe monitoring
  • Protects operators and equipment with even and reliable weight distribution and load-shifts between lifting points
  • Touch screen display contains live operation information with real-time status updates for lifting and cylinder positions as well as load and total load readings
  • Single device control for simpler operation control and reducing costly downtime common in manual operations

Developed with over 25 years of specialised hydraulic engineering and lift technology expertise, Enerpac’s digitally controlled hydraulic solutions have been continuously serving the most demanding industries with complete reliability.

Please see the videos for more of Enerpac's high performance products available.  

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