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Double-acting precision, safety and ease-of-use from Enerpac P84 ULTIMA hand pumps

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article image P84 double-acting hand pump (left) and four-way control valve (right)

Enerpac (A Division of Actuant Corp)  presents the P84 ULTIMA hand pumps designed for powerful, versatile and simple operation.
The Enerpac P84 ULTIMA hand pumps can actuate widely used double-acting cylinders to power labour-saving tools found in workshops and worksites.
Available in two models - the highly portable 13kg P84 pump and the complementary P464 high capacity model, Enerpac’s ULTIMA hand pump features manual four-way control valves through which they can actuate either typical single-acting cylinders or widely used double-acting cylinders that provide powered extension and retraction.
The ability to power double-acting cylinders permits the rugged steel hand pumps to facilitate rapid and precise control of jobs through the powered extension and retraction of cylinder plungers in tasks such as fabrication, lifting, cutting, clamping, pressing, testing, forming, aligning, nut splitting and pushing and pulling mechanical components such as bearings and seals.
The versatile new generation ULTIMA steel hand pumps are ideally suited for rugged applications where durability is of utmost concern and where on-site pneumatic, petrol or electric power sources are not available for reasons of safety, convenience or remoteness.
The P84 and P464 (with large 7.42 litres, 453 cu in oil capacity) share the two-speed operation of the broader ULTIMA range, which means the faster first stage can be used to quickly position the plunger of the hydraulic cylinder where it is needed, before employing the powerful second stage (700-2800 bar) to do the heavy work.
Two-speed pumps are recommended for applications where the cylinder plunger must advance rapidly to contact load and where greater oil capacities are required, such as multiple cylinder hook-ups.
Key features of Enerpac ULTIMA P84 and P464 hand pumps:

  • Designed for use with one double-acting or two single acting cylinders
  • Innovative design provides greater ease-of-use
  • New Power Push handle grip and linkage design distribute loads better, further reducing felt load while pumping and minimising operator fatigue
  • Handle effort reduced by up to 20% without compromising speed or performance
  • Innovative bypass system further reduces loads often created by earlier types of two-stage pumps
  • Maximum handle effort is 30kg for the P84 and 43.3kg for the P464
  • Can comfortably handle cylinders of 5-25 tons capacity while withstanding rugged sites and rough treatment
The new ULTIMA hand pumps are compatible with a huge range of high-pressure hydraulic tools already in widespread use in industries such as automotive, architectural, building and construction, civil, mechanical, production and process engineering, electrical distribution and maintenance, energy production and reticulation, food and beverage production and maintenance, government utility, manufacturing, materials handling, metal fabrication and workholding, mining and resources, oil and gas, packaging, transport, workshop mechanical maintenance operations, primary production, shipping and safety.

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