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100t hydraulic muscle used to painlessly extract gears

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SOUTH West Hydraulic and Pneumatic Services have supplied one of the largest Enerpac Posi-Lock Hydraulic Grip Pullers ever installed in Australasia to gear manufacturing and machining specialists Falk Australia.

The 100t capacity EPH 1002 puller - featuring a patented safety cage jaw retention system - is being used by Falk to enhance the efficiency, safety and precision of servicing of industrial gearboxes and associated heavy equipment.

Falk's facility at Broadmeadow in Newcastle is part of the largest manufacturing and machining facilities in the southern hemisphere specialising in the supply of high quality precision gears used by industries ranging from heavy manufacturing to the mining, energy, materials handling, transport and processing sectors.

Falk are employing the power and precision of high-pressure (700 bar) hydraulics to help ensure gears, shafts and drive fittings are extracted with the minimum of damage and fuss and with the greatest possible safety and efficiency.

The roller cart mounted EPH 1002 features a hydraulically actuated power lift that extends the puller from ground height to 1.7m without the need for physical labour to position it.

The twin jaws (triple jaw models are also available) spread from 190-1778mm before locking their adjustable tips around the workpiece.

Offering a maximum reach of 1219mm and a stroke of 260mm, the puller can also incorporate multiple pushing adaptors where this is required for operations such as shaft extraction.

For further operator convenience and work efficiency, the EPH 1002 features an electric two-stage hydraulic pump with remote jog switch for fingertip control of the removal process extending over a puller height range of 673-1690mm.

The two-stage pump allows its operator to quickly position the pulling or pushing tools close to the workpiece, before using the second, power, stage to commence work in earnest.

Falk Project Co-ordinator Kevin Rundle is also introducing custom-fabricated adaptors to the new puller to extend convenience and efficiency of the equipment. These screw onto the cylinder plunger to quickly and safely reduce the gap between it and the workpiece.

Falk's new puller enables staff to efficiently and powerfully extract workpieces to be serviced without recourse to excessive heat or excessive amounts of less precise physical force.

Occasionally it is beneficial to use some heat in conjunction with the new puller, to achieve optimum performance while ensuring that shafts and workpieces are not damaged as they are separated.

Falk's new equipment is among the most powerful and precise available from the international range of Enerpac, which is part of the world's largest supplier of high force tools, the Actuant Corporation, with sales exceeding $A1 billion a year.

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