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Combustion and energy solutions from Energy Systems & Equipment

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Energy Systems & Equipment  is a provider of combustion equipment and energy solutions. Some of the products provided by Energy Systems & Equipment include burners, ignition systems, flame scanners, boilers, pumping sets, oil heaters, specialist pumps, control systems and so on. Energy Systems & Equipment provides two models of burners which include Register Burners and Package Burners.

The Register Burners provided by Energy Systems & Equipment can be run on multiple fuels and have capacities from 10MW to 120MW in a single unit. Register Burners provides all emission requirements and are very popular in Australia. The other range of burners provided by Energy Systems & Equipment, Package Burners have capacities ranging from 20kW to 12MW with ultra low emissions and can be run with multiple fuels like Natural Gas, LPG, Biogas, Town Gas, Light Oil, Biodiesel Oil, NAFTA and Kerosene.

Energy Systems & Equipment provides flame scanners which include both digital and analogue scanners with advanced capabilities. The flame scanners from Energy Systems & Equipment provides safe heads with galvanic isolation and are best suitable for coal, oil, gas and non-standard fuel scanning.

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