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Olympian GEP 150 and GEH 220 Gen-Sets from EPSA Meet Standby Power Requirements for Bellerive Oval Lighting System

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article image The Chubb Fire and Safety team uses a 160-tonne crane to lift one of four 11m lighting head-frames into place

Olympian generator sets from Energy Power Systems Australia were installed at the Bellerive Oval to meet standby power requirements of the stadium’s new television standard lighting system.  

Tasmania had been under pressure to install lights at the ground for some time with television broadcasters serving notice that future national and international telecasts needed to be day/night fixtures.  

The Tasmanian State Government approved funding for the installation of television standard lighting at Bellerive Oval.  

Chubb Fire and Safety Tasmania was assigned the contract for the project with responsibility for the installation of four 45m light towers, 11m head-frames and associated reticulation works comprising of two new main switchboards and two standby gen-sets.  

The light towers were built in two sections, lifted into place by a 160-tonne crane and made ready for the lighting head-frames to be attached.  

Power for the lighting head-frames housing over 108 light fittings with each requiring 2 kW of power came from Aurora Energy’s power grid. However, OHS regulations required the provision of sufficient emergency back-up power to run 7 fittings per tower.  

This would produce roughly 100 lux of light to enable the public to egress from the ground safely in the event of a mains failure.  

For the standby power requirements, the emergency lighting design called for two units including a 150 kVA unit to feed the north tower and a 220 kVA unit to feed the three southern towers in addition to the oval’s pole mounted emergency lighting system.  

Key considerations for the selection of gen-sets included price, reliability and availability. Caterpillar’s Olympian GEP 150 and GEH 220 gen-sets met the criteria for their standby power requirements.

Additionally, the gen-sets came with the backing of local CAT dealer William Adams who had worked with the Chubb team earlier.  

William Adams worked closely with their associate company Energy Power Systems Australia to ensure the Olympian gen-sets were available on time for commissioning, allowing Chubb to complete the project well ahead of the deadline.    

Following installation, the Olympian gen-sets have delivered on all performance benchmarks during the trials, with their ratings easily handling the load requirements of the lights.  

Commenting on the Bellerive Oval project, Roger Davey from Energy Power Systems Australia says that the seamless service provided to Chubb was a reflection of the excellent working relationship EPSA has with its CAT dealer partners throughout Australia.  

Chubb placed the order for the standby power generators in September. The availability of the units ex-stock gave EPSA sufficient time to customise the order to include jacketed water heaters and sound attenuated enclosures at their Hallam facility in addition to load testing the gen-sets prior to delivery in November.  

Representing a lower cost entry level product range, Olympian generators are manufactured at Caterpillar’s ISO 9001 certified facility in the UK.  

Available for use with diesel fuel, propane or natural gas, Olympian generator sets deliver dependable, clean and economical power even in the most demanding conditions.  

The gen-sets are supported nationwide through EPSA and Caterpillar’s extensive service network.

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