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Energy Power Systems Australia Supplies Olympian Generator Sets for Aussie Solar’s Hybrid Power Systems

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Olympian diesel generator sets supplied by Energy Power Systems Australia are being used by West Australian company Aussie Solar for their fully automated hybrid power systems.  

The fully automated hybrid power systems from Aussie Solar combine the efficiency of solar energy with a highly advanced range of power generators to deliver cost-effective and reliable power all through the year.  

The rising cost of fuel and the government’s 50% rebate on solar installations have boosted the interest in hybrid renewable energy power systems, according to Aussie Solar’s Managing Director, Gary Cooper.  

Until recently, property owners in remote locations with no access to grid power depended on diesel generators all 24 hours to provide power to the homestead and ancillary farming equipment.  

But the rising cost of fuel has increased interest in hybrid systems such as the solar + diesel gen-sets developed by Aussie Solar since the solar component enables them to spread the gen-set run time over the day.  

Depending on the size of the system, the solar component can produce enough power to meet the needs of the remote property, especially in the cooler months when air conditioning is not required. This delivers substantial savings through reduced diesel fuel usage.  

Aussie Solar has installed over 50 fully automated hybrid solar diesel systems over the past three years, with invertors ranging from 6 kW through to 30 kW.  

Mr Cooper comments that their hybrid power systems are designed to deliver peace of mind to the owners since they can depend on solar power everyday with any shortfall being met by the diesel generator sets.  

Aussie Solar uses only the best available components in their hybrid power systems to enable them to guarantee the performance of their systems.

Olympian gen-sets have been selected for the hybrid systems since the products are built in the UK, have proven performance and feature true 50hz alternators.  

Additionally, the product support provided by Energy Power Systems Australia and the Caterpillar network ensures that the Olympian diesel generator sets will last for a long time.  

Aussie Solar has used over 30 Olympian gen-sets in their hybrid power systems and the company is very satisfied with their fuel efficiency, performance, price, efficiency, reliability and support.  

According to Energy Power Systems Australia’s Olympian National Business Manager, Kim Howlett, the Olympian’s industry-leading exhaust and noise emission levels make them the perfect fit for renewable energy hybrid power applications.  

Manufactured at Caterpillar’s ISO 9001 certified facility in the UK, Olympian generator sets represent a lower entry level product range that boasts CAT performance with exceptional fuel efficiency and proven performance for standby and prime power applications up to 550 kVA.

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