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Suntech Power solar modules and cells available from Energy Matters

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Suntech power solar modules:


  • 36 high-efficiency Suntech power silicon solar cells
  • More power in peak hours through Suntech power cells
  • Optimised module performance with nominal voltage 12 V DC
  • Bypass diodes to avoid hot-spot effect
  • Cells are embedded in a sheet of TPT and EVA
  • 3.2 mm high transmissive low-iron, tempered glass
  • Esthetic appearance of cells
  • Attractive, stable, heavy duty anodised aluminium frames with convenient mounting-access, for high wind-pressure and snow-load
  • The backside frames are equipped with drainage holes. So eliminates the risk that rain or snow water may accumulate in the frame lumen and freeze or even bend the frame in cold season
  • Pre-cabled with fast-connecting systems
  • Customer-desired packing
  • Certifications: IEC 61215, TUV class II, CE, ISO 9001:2000.

Suntech power modules are internationally regarded as a quality symbol from a well valued brand. Suntech power modules are the difference on customer’s roofs. Suntech power modules combine more power per square-metre with more energy per watt-peak

Suntech power solar cells:


  • Top solar cell conversion efficiency
  • Entrapping light through advanced textured solar cells in monocrystalline technology
  • SiN-film deposition on the front surface for uniform dark appearance
  • High energy output in low light conditions through high shunt
  • Densely screen-printed grid
  • Ideal also for use in large stand-alone systems for battery charging or water pumping.

Suntech power module applications:

  • Designed for grid-connected power plants up to 1000V DC.

The wide range of Suntech Power solar modules and cells are available from Energy Matters.

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