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Multi-crystal Sharp solar panels available from Energy Matters

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Energy Matters stocks a range of Sharp solar panels. Sharp is a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic modules (solar panels).

Using breakthrough technology perfected by Sharp's nearly 45 years of research and development, these modules use a textured cell surface to reduce reflection of sunlight, and BSF (Black Surface Field) structure to improve conversion efficiency.

An anti-reflective coating provides a uniform blue colour and increases the absorption of light in all weather conditions.

Sharp's NE-80EJE photovoltaic modules offer industry-leading performance, durability, and reliability for a variety of electrical power requirements.

Common applications include RVs, cabins, solar power stations, pumps, beacons, and lighting equipment.

Completed with a rugged aluminium frame the Sharp 80W solar panels is designed to withstand rigorous weather conditions, a junction box is also provided for easy electrical connections in the field, making Sharp's NE 80EJE modules the perfect combination of advanced technology and reliability.


  • High-power module (80W) using 125mm square multi-crystal silicon solar cells with 12.60% module conversion efficiency
  • Bypass diode minimizes the power drop caused by shade
  • Improved cell conversion efficiency: 14.11%
  • Water white, tempered glass, EVA laminate, plus aluminium frame for extended outdoor use
  • Junction box for easy electrical connections in the field
  • Nominal 12VDC output for battery charging applications

UL listings:

  • UL 1703, cUL
  • Sharp modules are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities

Dimensions (length x width x depth): 1200x530x35mm.

NE-80EJE Multi-crystal Sharp solar panels are available from Energy Matters.

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