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Incentives for installing solar panels for renewable energy

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South Australian households are set to receive one of the major solar power rebates available in Australia.

The South Australian Rann Government had a new feed in solar rebate, which will increase the incentive for people installing solar panels on their roofs and get clean energy from the sun.

Under the legislation, householders will be paid upward to double the basic electricity retail cost for putting excess solar ability backwards into the mains electricity grid. It is estimated that the Australian electricity network needs $24 billion in infrastructure over the next five years, and the prospect of using solar power to ease the burden on the grid is interesting both Governments and consumers alike.

For instance, the Queensland Government estimates that for every new air conditioner installed, a further $13,000 in infrastructure is required to develop new electricity poles, substations and wires to handle the increased consumption.

Considering that the peak usage times for the supply of electricity is hot summer afternoons, solar power is a way to help with the supply of electricity into the grid without the need for further infrastructure changes.

This legislation means that many Australian householders want clean, renewable electricity that sustains both the environment and their wallet and now, in South Australia, they will be able to have that.

According to, Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy, this is a good boost for the solar power industry, which has been waiting for a Government to demonstrate this kind of concrete action in the energy market.

South Australia’s initiative is proof that, if the will is there, a government can easily provide the practical laws needed to drive investment in clean electricity. Australia has more sun exposure than any other continent and a large number of Australian households could convert to using solar power technology to power their houses.

The demands of a successful Australian economy and the resultant increased demand for energy, along with a growing concern in the community regarding greenhouse gas emissions has made a similar policy on a national scale not only possible, but also necessary.

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