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Energy Matters release solar panel security guide

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Energy Matters , providers of renewable energy equipment in Australia, have released a new guide for people concerned with solar panel theft.

Energy Matters' Managing Director Jeremy Rich explains that Americans may be able to arm themselves to the teeth, but people in Australia do not have that option and it is also not a recommended method.

For this reason, Energy Matters have produced a guide with simple tips and strategies for deterring would-be thieves from making off with panels. None of these tips include inflicting grievous bodily harm to offenders, however desirable that might be.

One of the tips mentioned in the guide is the same advice that law enforcement agencies around the world advise for general burglary prevention such as do not leave items around the yard that make it easy to access your roof. Many of the thieves are opportunist and making it difficult to steal the panels will often deter them.

Energy Matters also offer a solar panel security device that locks the panels in an array together making them particularly difficult to remove and transport.

Energy Matters also advice buyers of solar panels to be cautious, when considering the purchase of second hand panels and to perform due diligence in checking the person selling is indeed the legal owner; as buying stolen panels may end in criminal charges being laid against the purchaser.

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