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Energy Matters on Solar power

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There can be no doubt that Australian industry is under pressure to embrace cleaner, more efficient methods of energy use. For businesses reliant on wasteful, archaic technology to supply them with power, this may cause difficulties when the time comes to make a change.

But the sun is shining on a new breed of energy alternatives. By replacing coal or diesel powered machinery with renewable energy powered sources, companies can improve their image while saving money.

In Western Australia alone, over half the state's energy usage comes from pumping water. Right now, the majority of that water is pumped using traditional diesel or electric systems. Renewable energy pumps, such as solar pumps, from Energy Matters, can offer a user-friendly and cost-effective alternative to diesel powered generators.

Where once solar power was an extreme, fringe technology, considered impractical for common use, it has now advanced to the point that it provides a realistic alternative to fuel-powered systems that require constant maintenance and refuelling, all of which put a drain on resources.

Solar systems are totally reliable, and if designed and installed correctly, require a minimum of upkeep and can utilise existing generators as backup.

In Western Australia, eligible companies making an investment in renewable power can obtain a 40 per cent tax credit rebate for off-grid systems.

The federal government will review its $11.4m subsidy scheme during the next budget cycle, but with the nation focused on the dangers of climate change, and with expectations of a new carbon trading and tax program when the government releases its discussion paper, establishing a clean energy policy makes good business sense for companies seeking to enhance their image and save money.

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