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Energy Matters offer Solar photovoltaic technology for homes

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More Australians than ever are deciding to power their homes using energy from the sun. Solar power is an advanced, clean and viable form of renewable energy available to consumers of energy.

Solar power is traditionally used in remote locations where electricity is not available, everywhere from remote cabins and telecommunications towers to space stations and satellites.

Solar photovoltaic technology from Energy Matters and solar systems are becoming efficient and aesthetically pleasing than ever. There are many benefits to using solar power.

Generating your own electricity will not only help the environment by reducing the impact of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, but will also help you reduce your electricity bill.

A solar system on a new home will help meet 5 star energy rating systems and help meet basic building requirements. Powering the home using solar energy will not only add value to your home, but the home will become the envy of all the friends.

Solar panels create electricity whenever light shines on them. This electricity is fed into an inverter, which converts the DC electricity generated by the solar panels to 240V AC electricity which is required to power the household appliances.

Any excess energy is fed back into the electricity grid. Essentially, the electricity meter spins backwards during the day and forwards at night. There is no difference in the way the home functions.

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