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Energy Matters launch interactive video surveys on renewable energy issues

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Energy Matters  have launched the first in a series of interactive video surveys to gauge the Australian public's attitudes towards renewable energy issues.

In the first survey, Energy Matters' Markus Lambert discusses feed in tariffs and solar power affordability in Australia.

At specific points, viewers are asked to vote on how they feel about the topic and information presented by using a voting slider bar. On completion, viewers can compare their responses with those of other viewers. The surveys are anonymous and no personal data is gathered.

Markus Lambert explains that the goal of the surveys is to gather data directly from the Australian public as to not only their level of understanding of renewable energy but also awareness and reactions to incentives available to switch to wind or solar power.

Energy Matters will then provide aggregate statistics to industry and government, to assist Government in formulating renewable energy policies.

Australia's mandatory renewable energy target (MRET) is a 20% share for renewable energy in the nation's electricity supply by 2020 but the country is currently falling behind in meeting this goal.

Energy Matters believe in order for Australia to meet its MRET obligations, the Australian public needs far better and more easily accessible educational resources, plus a greater range of incentives for large scale renewable energy generation through solar and wind, so that Australia can play their part in achieving reducing the dangers of climate change.

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