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Energy Matters encourage the use of grid connected solar power systems

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With a switch to solar power sweeping the nation and competition between suppliers heating up, some renewable energy companies are pulling out all the stops to encourage the uptake of grid connected solar power systems.

Energy Matters , suppliers of renewable energy equipment and installation services, have been at the forefront of supporting the formation of solar buyers groups throughout the country.

By collaborating with friends, neighbours or work associates within a local area, a solar buyers group wields increased buying power. Through bulk ordering, members of a solar buyers group can have a residential grid connect system installed at well below market prices.

Energy Matters' Managing Director, Jeremy Rich explains that grid connect solar power can still be quite an initial investment for people. Through the combination of their solar buyers group programme and considerable buying power, Energy Matters are able to offer even further savings to these groups.

A grid connected solar power system is easily integrated into the existing electrical infrastructure of a house. With no moving parts, a system can provide decades of reliable electricity production.

In a grid connect system, electricity generated by the solar panels supplies the house with power during the day. During the night or at times when energy loads exceed what the panels can create, mains grid electricity is automatically accessed to make up the difference. If an installation generates more electricity than is required, it is fed back into the mains grid. The household then receives a credit on their electricity bill or in some states, cash payments in the form of a feed in tariff.

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