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Energy Matters and ATA support gross feed-in tariff issue

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The ATA (Alternative Technology Association), of which Energy Matters are members, is a not-for-profit organisation, promoting sustainable technology. The ATA recently weighed in on the issue of feed-in tariffs, a much discussed topic in the Australian renewable energy industry.

According to Brad Shone, ATA’s Energy Policy Manager, a gross feed-in tariff will give homeowners the certainty they need to invest in solar power. The ACT has provided a model for a successful gross feed-in tariff and it is essential that the federal government is not affected by the net feed-in tariffs in South Australia and Queensland.

The ATA also states that gross feed-in tariffs are key to Australia’s ability to continue to reduce its carbon emissions in the future and to meet its Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET).

A net feed-in tariff only rewards grid connect system owners for the surplus energy they generate. As all solar generated electricity is created during daylight hours, this disadvantages homeowners who may be at home for most of the day, such as parents of young children and retirees.

A gross feed-in tariff will pay owners of rooftop solar panels for all the power their grid connect systems feed into the electricity grid, at a premium rate, over and above the market rate. This programme is found in over 45 countries, states and provinces around the world.

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