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Power protection and down conductors from Energy Correction Options

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Energy Correction Options  offers power protection products and engineered solutions. These engineered solutions and products are provided to various areas including design and supply of lighting and surge protection systems, battery backup and UPSs, fixing and fastening for data and electrical equipment, earthing systems and connections for lightning protection and low or high voltage systems. Installation, preventing and commissioning maintenance of all equipment is also provided by Energy Correction Options.

Different types of down conductors are available from Energy Correction Options including Ericore down conductors and conventional down conductors. Ericore down conductor is an integral part of the system 3000 and discharges current to ground with minimum side flashings. This type of down conductor ensures insulation integrity under impulse conditions.

Lighting protection products include down conductors, direct strike lighting protection and lighting early warning systems. Direct strike lighting protection system is available in three different forms. System 3000, lighting protection system is insulated and advanced system. It is economical and one terminal end provides large area of protection. One down conductor is placed per terminal. The components of System 3000 lighting protection include purpose designed ERICORE down conductor cable which reduces the side flashings, Dynasphere dynamic air terminal acts as preferred strike point.

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