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article image Vortex flow meter for measuring gas and steam.

ENDRESS + Hauser has released the PROline Prowirl 72/73 vortex flow meter. It uses a DSC capacitance sensor to measure the frequency of shedding vortices.

From this information the evaluation electronics can derive the volumetric flow rate. This is essential for controlling the consumption, storage, and supply of liquids, gases, or steam and for optimising costs and monitoring energy usage.

The base model PROline Prowirl 72 is suited to measuring the volumetric flow rates of liquids and gases in applications where other technologies are less accurate and cost-effective.

PROline Prowirl 73 measures the mass flow rate of steam. Measuring the energy content of steam generally requires the combination of a vortex meter with a pressure and/or temperature sensor and external steam computer. A temperature sensor and steam tables are integrated into the unit. It can automatically calculate the energy or mass flow of the steam, enabling significant reductions in investment and installation costs. The system is also suitable for measuring the mass flow of low-viscosity liquids and cryogenic gases.

Both systems suit a range of industries. Flanged or wafer versions are available in either stainless steel or Hastalloy C22. A dual-sensor version is available. The standard version suits process temperatures from -40°C to 260°C. Versions are also available that can handle temperatures as low as -200°C and as high as +400°C.

The text display can be installed in hazardous zones and ATEX, FM, and CSA approvals are available. A 4mA-20mA HART output is standard. An electrically isolated pulse output is available as an option for totalised flow. Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus communication options are also available.

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