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Turbidity monitoring systems from Endress + Hauser Australia

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article image CUE21 on-line, lab and portable compact turbidity monitoring systems

The water industry is coming under increasing pressure to find new and economical ways of delivering drinking and service water that complies with ISO and EPA standards. While turbidity measurement is an excellent way of testing the conformity of water quality to these important standards, it has been a relatively expensive and cumbersome solution. 

Recognising this, Endress + Hauser Australia have introduced a line-up of self-contained, compact turbidity monitoring systems. There are three versions including on-line, lab and a portable compact line that deliver accurate measurements.

The CUE21 on-line turbidity monitoring systems are compact, feature a small footprint and require less flow when compared other turbidity systems. The use of an infra-red light source enables measurements that are unaffected by the colour of the water, with an optional white light version which provides measurements according to the standard method described in US EPA 180.1. The low volume requirement of the flow vessel results in a very fast response time. Reusable and traceable turbidity standards along with simple operation make calibration easy and a full-time ultrasonic cleaner reduces maintenance and prevents air bubbles sticking to the glass. 

The desktop laboratory turbidity meter is ideal suited for research and routine measurement and features an identical sample vessel to the on-line measurement, thus using the same turbidity standards as the on-line turbidity meter. The desktop turbidity meter’s integrated RS-232 port enables data storage and printing and an automated calibration alarm ensures calibration is not neglected. 

The portable turbidity meter, like the on-line and laboratory devices, is based on light-scattering measurement in accordance with EN ISO 7027 and US EPA 180.1. It comes with a robust, waterproof storage box containing batteries, basic operating instructions, measuring vessels and reusable calibration standards. 

By employing the same measuring principle and using a similar measurement setup, Endress + Hauser Australia’s CUE21 on-line, lab and portable compact turbidity monitoring systems deliver comparable measurements and are ideal for the Australian water industry.

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