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Site tests prove flowmeter claims

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article image The Prosonic 92 -- flow validation and check measurement.

RECENT site trials have proven the claims made by Endress+Hauser for the ultrasonic Prosonic Flow 92 portable flowmeter are more than just sales talk. Tested against a variety of liquids, the readings given confirmed the unit's value as a validation and check-measurement tool.

Three site tests were conducted - one each at the Stanwell Corporation power station in central Queensland, the Queensland Nitrate Plant at Moura, and the Gladstone (Qld) city water treatment plant.

In all cases previous validation attempts, undertaken by the relevant authorities using a variety of flowmeters other than Endress+Hauser, had failed.

At Stanwell, the Prosonic was used to check the 162m3/hr (45 litres/sec) cooling tower water extraction flow through 250mm NB galvanised steel pipe with a wall thickness of 9mm. The pipe is subject to mud build-up of approximately 2-5mm thickness.

Previous trials at Stanwell, using other flow transmitters, had resulted in no signal, even after more than 2 hours. The Prosonic Flow 92 was registering 60% signal strength within seconds of set-up.

At Moura, the test was on the plant's main, raw water, pre-treatment, high-turbidity feed line with flow rates up to 160 litres/second. The pipe is 150mm NB painted carbon steel with a wall thickness of 7mm.

Other brands tried at Moura during the last two years had failed to work. In single pass configuration, the Endress+Hauser unit recorded 60% signal strength.

The test at Gladstone, Qld, was on the main water feed into Gladstone Area water Board's Water Treatment Plant. Flow rates at the time of the test ranged from 500-1000 kilolitres per hour along a 700mm MSCL pipe with 12mm wall thickness and 12.5mm concrete liner thickness.

The results at Gladstone mirrored those attained at the other sites. The Flow 92 was able to provide accurate, reliable readings where competitive devices had failed and, using a dual pass sensor configuration, a 40% signal strength was achieved where competitive devices had been unable to provide a useable signal.

Suitable for use in all safe areas, the lightweight and robust portable Prosonic Flow 92 is also suitable for calibration of magnetic and other flowmeters, process optimisation and leak detection.

It utilises the high-accuracy time-of-flight technology pioneered in the range of Endress+Hauser flowmeters designed for fixed installation.

Offering quick installation, easy set-up and commissioning across a variety pipeline diameters and construction materials, the self-powered unit has a battery-life of up to 5 hours.

If required, the Flow 92 can be converted to a permanent installation without altering the sensor set-up. The only change required is the replacement the existing portable evaluation unit with a high-functionality Endress+Hauser DMU93 transmitter.

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