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Reliable, contact-free solids level measurement

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article image The Micropilot FMR 250.

ENDRESS+Hauser's Micropilot FMR 250 is the latest microwave level measuring device for solids applications.

The FMR 250 is a loop-powered, non-contact radar level device with a 70m range, 15mm accuracy,and suitable for operation up to 16-bar process pressure and up to 2000°C process temperature, making it suitable for a broad range of industries.

Cabling costs, especially in hazardous areas, are significantly reduced with Micropilot's 2-wire, loop-powered design. Measurement accuracy and stability are ensured using a 1-second sampling rate.

Earlier ultrasonic instruments monitored levels up to 70m in coarse solids (>25mm diameter), but failed in dusty or hot, high-pressure atmospheres or with high or dynamic angles of repose during filling and emptying.

Guided microwave (radar-on-rope) overcame these limitations, but intruded into the process, and therefore suffered possible wear and tear. The maximum measured level, up to 35m, was determined by rope length, abrasion and pull-down forces.

Air purging, recommended in serious cases of dust build-up on the antenna of any non-contact microwave device, is a standard capability. Running costs are minimal if purging is maintained at a maximum of hourly 10-second bursts.

Endress+Hauser's Micropilot FMR 250 has a built-in targeting device at the flange which optimises transmitter-mounting, ensuring reliable measurement. It eliminates failure of solids level radar caused by high angles of repose of the material in the bin or silo.

Both horn and parabolic hook antenna designs are available: the horn has a tight 80° beam angle and a maximum process connection diameter of 100mm; the parabolic antenna has an even tighter, laser-like beam angle of 40 and 200mm process connection diameter - suited to tall (70m) narrow silos.

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