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article image The signal can also be displayed as an envelope curve.

ENDRESS + Hauser has included an envelope curve readout feature as standard in its new Levelflex M guided radar level monitoring device. The unit also benefits from improvements in Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology, a range of enhanced probes and expanded system integration options.

Designed to provide accurate and reliable continuous level measurement of bulk solids and liquids and suitable for installation in silos, bins and bulk liquid containers, the Levelflex M utilises high-frequency Time-of-Flight (ToF) pulses along application-optimised probes to provide peak measurement accuracy at distances up to 35m.

According to Endress + Hauser, the improvements in ToF technology mean accuracy and repeatability of readings are unaffected by angles of repose, changes in dielectric, moisture, density or particle size.

Measurement interference, caused by dust clouds in solids tanks and foam and turbulence in liquids vessels, is also eliminated.

Compatible with all tank materials and geometry, the Levelflex M is claimed to be suitable for a range of level measurement applications including chemical and petro-chemical processing, mining, and grain and other bulk solids up to 20mm diameter.

Suitable for use with any of the available probes, the Levelflex M transmitter is fitted with a high resolution LCD readout which doubles as a programming control panel for on-site set-up and resetting.

Factory pre-programming of the device, to suit nominated applications, has simplified the set-up procedure to the point where the only details to be entered on-site are the applicable engineering units.

The unit offers a number of presentation options. The linearisation feature means the radar signals can be displayed as any height or volume unit, mass or percentage. The signal can also be displayed as an envelope curve to validate the measurement process.

Claimed by Endress + Hauser as a first for a device of this nature, the envelope curve also gives an indication of any potential trouble spots inside the vessel.

Probes have been redesigned to reflect improvements in Time-of-Flight technology. All probes are user-replaceable, interchangeable and suitable for use in temperatures up to 1500°C.

The tensile strength of rope probes has been increased. Endress + Hauser claim a 25 per cent reduction in pull-down forces through the development of smaller rope diameters, allowing for simplified mounting.

Special rod and coaxial probes for measuring liquid levels have been added to the probe range.

Direct configuration and system integration of the LevelfLex M is available through either Profibus PA, Profibus DP or Foundation Fieldbus systems.

All models are equipped with the HART communication protocol for compatibility with any existing analog technology.

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