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article image The MemoSens pH electrode is immune to moisture

ENDRESS + Hauser ’s MemoSens is a pH electrode that is not vulnerable to moisture and removes the need for labour-intensive commissioning and maintenance.

The establishment of an effective electrode-cable connection has always demanded absolutely moisture and contamination free conditions. The weak current generated by a traditional pH electrode can also be rendered inaccurate or unreliable by a poor connection, low quality cabling or external environmental effects like lightning. Traditional pH electrodes also have limited lifespans, requiring frequent cleaning, buffering and recalibration. MemoSens enables pH variables to be monitored more continuously, accurately, reliably and affordably.

MemoSens provides a robust, contactless electrode-cable connection point by using an inductive electrical connection. With no electrical contacts, the connection is immune to contamination and moisture. These are the two key problems of traditional electrode-cable connections.

MemoSens significantly reduces the time, cost and inconvenience of calibration and recalibration by incorporating calibration data storage. The digital memory of the pH electrode allows it to be calibrated before installation, under optimum conditions in the measuring laboratory. Whenever recalibration is required, maintenance staff can simply swap the electrode with a pre-calibrated replacement so that the measuring point can remain continuously available.

MemoSens also transmits a far more robust signal back to the transmitter. This removes the need for pre-amplification and high-cost cabling. It also allows pH measuring systems to be more flexibly designed and built at significantly lower cost.

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