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article image 'Live' list from a FDT/DTM tool with HART running under Profibus DP/PA, and DTMs coexisting from E+H, Vega, Wika and Yokogawa.

Endress + Hauser has released the FieldCare plant asset management (PAM) system. It provides support to the company’s measurement equipment as well as that of other vendors, particularly during integration into third-party systems.

It is based on the recently developed FDT/DTM standard and the freedom that this technology provides to integrate field and communication components supplied by third parties.

The FDT/DTM standard offers full device functionality with no device or manufacturer dependencies. It also offers unrestricted choice of communication and topology components with no protocol dependencies. It provides full support for the user's existing devices. It can be retrofitted to any existing plant.

FieldCare enables users to evaluate the risk posed by each process measuring device to the integrity of the overall system. An inventory is taken of the installed based of field instruments to determine exactly what assets are present. For each device consideration is then given to how seriously the process would be affected if the instrument fails and to the availability of a reliable repair service and a source of spare parts.

FieldCare is fully scalable and is available in different versions to support different applications. The professional version offers a full range of PAM functionality. Customers who choose to start with the standard version can upgrade at a later date.

FieldCare coordinates all information management requirements throughout the system's life cycle. During the engineering phase it can be used to acquire topology information from a CAD system, or to transfer device data in CSV format from the installed base analyst tool. During the initial start-up phase, it can be used to compare the planned structure with the structure that has actually been installed, and adjust and document all devices accordingly. Thanks to the flexibility of the FDT/DTM approach, a universal DTM can be assigned to devices for which no DTM is available, and can even manage devices that have no communication support. During the operational phase System View provides the system operator with a way of identifying and localising devices. The information collected by FieldCare can be transferred to other systems for further processing. Predictive maintenance and calibration management are integral services.

FieldCare also features web-enabled asset management connectivity. This allows authorised personnel to retrieve specific information about any phase of the system's life cycle. This includes all calibration data, manuals, certificates, approvals and functions like spare parts search, from the planning, ordering and installation phases right up to initial start-up and ongoing operation.

Endress + Hauser is continuing to supply its customers with its time of flight tool free with every measuring device.

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