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article image Liquicap T -- fit and forget.

LIQUICAP T is the latest low cost continuous level monitoring instrument from Endress+Hauser .

Featuring measuring heights from 150mm to 2500mm, in conductive liquids up to 100oC, the FM121 is suited for use in sumps, liquid containers, and other basic applications.

The Liquicap T uses the capacitive impedance principle for operation, has no moving parts and therefore requires no maintenance.

Additionally, the device can be precalibrated for the measured height of liquid. Should the precalibrated length be too long then shortening of the probe rod can be achieved using the shortening kit included. It is really a matter of "fit and forget."

But its biggest benefit is the simplicity and low cost, making the Liquicap T an ideal choice for simple but accurate level measurements in common fluids such as milk, water, beer, acid, brine, contained in common vessels such as buffer tanks and ISO container (inter-model containers).

Liquicap T FM121 consists of two rods, one with a polypropylene insulating sleeve liner. The capacitance impedance between the two rods changes according to the level of product covering them, no matter what the conductive product is. Conductivity needs to only be more than 30 microSiemens/cm.

High-quality, corrosion-resistant rod materials are available for applications in aggressive liquids such as acids and lyes. 316L stainless steel and polypropylene are standard whilst the carbon fibre rods are suited to the most corrosive applications.

Liquicap T FM121 ensures safe operation, regardless of tank materials (plastic, steel or concrete) and geometries (baffles, nozzles, etc).

Simple, maintenance-free and low-cost, Endress+Hauser's solution to an industry need makes Liquicap T a cost-effective choice for simple level applications.

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